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Voltron - Called the "King of the Robots," Voltron was a giant robot created to defend the planet Arus from attack on the sci-fi adventure VOLTRON, DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE/SYN/1984; THE NEW ADVENTURES OF VOLTRON/SYN/1997 (reissued title); and VOLTRON: THE THIRD DIMENSION/SYN/1998.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe

When Zarkon and the evil witch Hagar attacked planet Arus, Hagar's enchanted bursts of energy broke Voltron into five pieces that resembled lions.

The blue lion fell into a lake, the red into a volcano, the green into a forest, the yellow into the desert and the black lion rested upon a stone daze in the guise of a rock sculpture.

Voltron Force - Keith, Lance, Sven, Pidge, Hunk - VOLTRON: DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE
Members of the Voltron Force

Five visitors to the planet volunteered to reunite the robot parts into Voltron. They were called the Voltron Force: Keith, the leader of the team (in black lion); Sven, second-in-command (the original pilot of the blue lion); Alurra (the second pilot of the blue Lion); Lance (in red lion); Pidge, the youngest (in green lion); and Hunk (in yellow lion).

Each member controlled the interior cockpits of each lion; and each had one-fifth the power of the original Voltron. United, their strength increase five fold.

Set in the 25th century, the Voltron series was produced in Japan for World Events Productions.

Voltron, Defender of the Universe

TRIVIA NOTE: A Reebok sneaker dubbed “The Voltron Collection.” sold five classic Reebok models all representing a different lion from the 1980s animated television series: Court Victory (Black Lion) Pump Omni Lite (Yellow Lion) Ventilator ( Blue Lion) ERS Racer (Green Lion) and the Insta Pump Fury ( Red Lion).

Reebok Sneaker collection based on the VOLTRON cartoon

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