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Rem - Android on the sci-fi series LOGAN'S RUN/CBS/1977-78.

Rem (played by Donald Moffat) was a brown-haired android programmed to serve humans and maintain his other robotic counterparts. REM fled the City of Domes (where all people over 30 were killed) to the safety of an outside world known as Sanctuary.

His associates were Logan 5 (Gregory Harrison) a futuristic police officer, Jessica 6 (Heather Menzies) a young woman running from the tyranny of the Domed City; and Ariana, a beautiful female robot (Mariette Hartley).

Ariana and Rem - LOGAN'S RUN
Ariana repairs Rem's circuitry

Jessica 6, Logan 5 and Rem the Android

The program was based on the novel "Logan's Run" written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton and the full-length movie Logan's Run (1976).

TRIVIA NOTE: In psychology and sleep research, the term "REM" stands for Rapid Eye Movement, a condition which signals the onset of dreaming. It was first observed by psychologists Eugene Aserinsky and Nathaniel Kleitman in the 1950s.

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