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Sico - Small mobile communications robot with oval head and large star-like eyes that appeared on the NBC daytime soap DAYS OF OUR LIVES when Eugene Bradford (John De Lancie) began doing a comedy routine. Sico (pronounced "SEE-ko") was originally written into the script as a focus for learning disabled children.

Sico the robot - Creation of International Robotics, Inc (IRI)

Sico is multi-lingual, has his own personalized American Express Platinum credit card, as well as passport, and is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild (the only robot).

A creation of International Robotics Inc. (IRI) - the pioneers of a science called “Technology-to-People Behavioral Psychology - the Sico family of robots (Sico, Sico II, Sico Milennia) has made a number of appearances on stage, TV and screen, including:

  • NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” cast member for over one year (Gretchen, a University Hospital nurse poisoned by the hospital robot SICO in an attempt to kill Alice) and recipient of Special Performance award.
  • ABC’s “WALT DISNEY EPCOT” special
  • NBC’s “BENSON” series
  • MGM's 1985 movie Rocky IV (played by Robert Doornick)
  • James Brown’s world concert tour.
  • Carnegie Hall’s “90 Minutes for Life” (speech on technologies against AIDS).
  • Dick Clark’s “Inside America”
  • Command performance before the entire White House staff
  • Miss Teen USA
  • Numerous talk shows, TV Specials, media interviews, etc.
  • Goowill ambassador's for hospitals and Ronald MacDonald Houses
  • MTV’s Punk’d MTV with Oscar winning actress Hilary Swank

Sico Milennia robot, - International Robotics, Inc (IRI)
Current Generation Sico Milennia

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