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Batfink - Pointy-eared superhero with wings of steel featured on the cartoon BATFINK/SYN/1967.

Batfink - The Complete Series

Called into action by the Chief of Police (via a private hotline), Batfink rode a supped up Battilac (a pink Volkswagen with bat wings mounted on its rear fenders).

Batfink battled such criminal characters as:

  • Brother Goose
  • Cinderrobber
  • Daniel Boom
  • Ebenezer the Freezer
  • Fatman
  • Hugo a Go Go
  • Jerkules
  • The Mean Green Midget
  • Mike the Mimic
  • Mr. Flick
  • Myron the Magician
  • Napoleon Blown Apart
  • The Rain Maker
  • Robber Hood
  • Roz the Schnozz
  • The Sonic Boomer
  • Victor the Predictor
  • Whip Van Winkle

Like the crime fighter Batman, Batfink possessed his own arsenal of weapons including metal wings (to deflect bullets), Super Sonic Sonar, and an Asian martial arts trained assistant named Karate.

Theme Song Lyrics

Batfink & Karate in the Batalac - Hal Seeger/Screen Gems Productions

The Batillac is ready. It's a wonder car.
And Batfink has his radar super sonic sonar.
A missile that can find him he will never feel.
His wings are his protection like a shield of steel.
...It's Batfink

Batfink uses his Super Sonic Sonar

Bafink and his assistant, Karate ready for action

Frank Buxton, Bob MacFadden and Len Maxwell provided the voices for this "batty" series produced by Hal Seeger/Screen Gems (package of 100 five-minute BATFINK cartoons).

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