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Bucky Beaver - The childhood nickname of the 5' 10" actress Jenna Elfman [born Jennifer Mary Batula] who starred as Dharma Freedom Finkelstein Montgomery, the free-spirited daughter of hippies on the sitcom DHARMA & GREG/ABC/1997-2002.

Jenna Elfman Smiling

While growing up in Los Angeles, the kids at Jenna's school gave her the nickname "Bucky Beaver" because of her overbite. But after three and a half years of orthodontia, Jenna now has a wonderful smile and a winning career as an actress.

As for her other facial features, Jenna once remarked "It's weird to talk about yourself, but I like my eyes. They're kind of Asian looking."

Jenna's earlier 1996 TV series was called TOWNIES where she played Shannon Canotis, one of three female friends who lived in an East Coast fishing community and who hoped one day to move to the big city.

Jenna Elfman, a classically trained ballerina, was born September 30, 1971. She is the niece-in-law of composer Danny Elfman, and the niece of singer Tony Butala, who founded the vocal group, 'The Lettermen'.

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