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Bucky Beaver - The friendly big-toothed rodent mascot who starred in a series of successful Ipana Toothpaste commercials created for Bristol Meyers Company in the 1950s.

Bucky Beaver - Ipana Toothpaste

Twenty years later, the Bucky Beaver character appeared in the movie Grease (1978) during a slumber party scene at Frenchie's house.

As one of the girls (Jan, a member of the "Pink Ladies" gang) stood in front of the TV set, she mimicked the toothy grin of Bucky Beaver and sang along with the commercial as Bucky delivered the bouncy "Brusha, Brusha, Brusha" jingle. Jan's friends quickly tossed pillows at her to shut her up.

1950's Ipana TV Commercial Script

Announcer: Ipana presents...Bucky Beaver, the White Knight
Bucky Beaver Brusha, Brusha, Brusha. Here's the new Ipana with a brand new flavor, It's dandy for your te-e-e-e-eth. 
Fair Maiden Help! Save me!  Save me!
Bucky Beaver It's the Black Knight, Decay Germ and he going to make cavities of the fair maiden's teeth.
Fair Maiden Help! Help!
Black Knight Now, Sir Bucky Beaver, I'm gonna ruin your teeth. Oh No! Not Ipana...Ipana's got me.
Bucky Beaver Ipana knocks out decay germs best of all leading brands even better than fluoride toothpaste.  Brusha, Brusha, Brusha. Here's the new Ipana.
Fair Maiden Wow, tastes good, too
Bucky New Ipana Toothpaste

The popularity of  Ipana Toothpaste declined in the United States during teh 1970s..However, in 2005, River West Brands, a Chicago-based company, re-introduced Ipana to America. Surprisingly, overseas, the Ipana brand is a leading toothpaste in Turkey.

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