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Hoppy - Childhood pet rabbit of the Barone family mentioned on episode No. 151 (aired 10-07-2002) on the situation comedy EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND/CBS/1996-2005.

Hoppy the Rabbit

When Raymond Barone (Ray Romano) was a child, his father, Frank (Peter Boyle) bought his kids (Ray and Robert) a rabbit. They named it Hoppy. Kids being kids, however, Ray and Robert (Brad Garrett) never fulfilled their promise to care for their pet. Consequently, Frank had to take care of the rabbit.

Then one night Raymond came down stairs for some juice and looked out of the kitchen window to see his father tenderly caring for Hoppy the family rabbit. This act was so unlike Frank's usual tough-guy persona that it stuck with Raymond.

Years later, Ray included the story into a mock eulogy writing exercise. Unfortunately, Frank's cover as a tough-guy was blown when the story go out to his lodge buddies whom later visited Frank bearing a stuffed pink bunny. The lodge buddies pleaded with Frank to "Pet the the bunny!" and Frank was furious.

He later told his son Raymond "I am not loveable. I am not sweet. I fought in Korea. I am no bunny petter."

Frank confessed to Raymond that "I hated that bunny" but that "every night, the damn bunny needed the attention...and you kids never cleaned the cage." Frank concluded "I hate that bunny story. I want you to remember I was tough."

Angered that his father Raymond was so hard-headed, Ray yelled "you're the toughest son of a bitch I ever knew."

Upon hearing that, Frank told Ray to "write it down before you forget" and then gave Raymond permission to go ahead and use the bunny story at his funeral. As for the rest..."Surprise me," said Frank.

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