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Rules & Regulations - Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Genie Rules - On the sitcom I DREAM OF JEANNIE/NBC/1965-70, astronaut Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman) opened an ancient bottle he found on a beach, and out popped a beautiful blonde genie named Jeannie (Barbara Eden) who quickly fell in love with her new master.

Larry Hagman as Tony Nelson and Barbara Eden as Jeannie the Genie

Despite her love, however, she was restricted from doing anything to make her master reciprocate her feelings. For it was written in Decree 720, Paragraph 6, Subhead 3 of Chief Haji's genie rule book: "It is forbidden for any genie to cast a spell over her master." If she used a spell in this way, she would forfeit her own powers.

Fortunately, Tony Nelson fell in love with Jeannie on his own and later in the series both were married on December 2, 1969.

Your wish is my command, Master

On the sequel NBC TV movie I Still Dream of Jeannie (aired 10/20/91) Jeannie's Master Tony Nelson (played by Christopher Bolton) was scheduled to go into space for a prolonged flight. But, Shamir, chief of the genies (Peter Breck) informed Jeannie that according to the Sacred Scroll of Rismock "a genie without a master for more than three months must return to Mesopotamia forever."

Forced to find a temporary master, Jeannie began a desperate search for someone who could be a surrogate until Tony returned to Earth to reclaim her as his genie. She settled on Bob Simpson (Ken Kercheval), a local high school guidance counselor.

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