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Rules & Regulations- Sex & Dating
Weird Science Love Tips - The sci-fi comedy WEIRD SCIENCE/USA/1994-97 starred two nerdy teenagers who possessed a beautiful computer generated genie named Lisa (Vanessa Angel) who guided her two young masters through their emotional and sexual development.

Lisa the Genie and her tow masters - WEIRD SCIENCE

At first Gary, (John Mallory Asher) and Wyatt (Michael Manasseri) didn't believe that Lisa understood sex. Lisa assured them she did.

"Love is making out on the hood of a Dodge Viper. Love is getting right to sex without having to talk first. Love is doing it in your parent's bed while they're at work." "Son of a gun," said Gary, "She does know" ("Fatal Lisa" 5/21/94)

When Gary goes to sex ed class  ("Sex Ed" 6/4/94) he ponders its mysteries and learns the answers to such questions:

  • Are you allowed to talk during it?
  • Do you always finish at the same time?
  • Does size really matter?
  • What's the deal with green M&Ms?
  • What is the shelf life of edible panties?

On another episode ("Puppet Love" 1/20/96) Gary reveals "Cyber-dating's cool. No risk. No rejection. No watching their faces drop when they finally see me with my shirt off."

Wyatt's psychotic older brother Chett (Lee Tergesen) once shared his philosophy on attracting the opposite sex (episode "Feminine Mistake" 4/9/94).

"I have found that women respond to flattery. For instance, I'm driving in my Jeep, I see something I like, I roll down the window and offer up a compliment, like: 'Nice butt! Or, 'I'd pay good money for a girl like you.' Makes 'em feel sexy. It's all part of that little game they call romance."

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