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Rules & Regulations - Miscellaneous
EEFMS -  The Early Eyeball Fraternal and Marching Society was the name of the television club created during the last months of Ernie Kovac's 3 TO GET READY on WPTZ in Philadelphia in the early 1950s.

3 To Get Ready

Original members of the club included Trigger Lund, Gertrude the doll, Ernie Kovacs, Andy McKay, Sandy Stewart and Bernie Leighton.

In an 1953 publicity photograph, all of these members were depicted placing the tip of their left index finger over their left eyelid.

The group's membership card displayed a logo of a half-closed eye, the words EEFMS WPTZ CHANNEL 3 and a secret pass-phrase "It's been real." The reverse side of the card listed the following eligibility rules:


An EEFM is:

A -

male or a female;

B - 

or interested in either political party;

An EEFM never sleeps later than 8:03 .

A -

Unless he or she is deathly ill,

B - 

Unless he or she is, that is;

C -

Unless the EEFM is sleepy;
3. An EEFM makes less that $987,648,001.23 per annum. (Slightly higher in the South and South West);
4. An EEFM may not raise ostriches or parsley without written permission of EEFM-1.

Xerox copy of EEFMS card - reproduced from the book NOTHING IN MODERATION by David G.Walley

TRIVIA NOTE: The club's password "It's been real" was a phrase that was popular after World War II. At the end of each show, this phrase would pop up in some strange place, such as beneath a broom, under a banana peel or on top of a bald man's head.

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