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Rules & Regulations - Miscellaneous
Mayberry Rules for a Happy Life - On episode No. 162 "The Bazaar" on the sitcom THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW/CBS/1960-68 newly appointed deputy Warren Ferguson (Jack Burns) upsets town sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) when he arrests eleven church ladies for playing bingo at the annual town bazaar.

Sheriff Andy Taylor and his new duty Warren Ferguson

When Warren refuses to drop the charges, Andy rules the women are free to go, but they feel their reputations have been impugned and refuse to leave unless they are given a jury trial.

Now stuck with a jail filled with angry women including Andy's Aunt Bee Taylor (Frances Bavier), Andy tries to reason with Warren, but he stays true to his principles. Gambling is gambling, even if it is bingo.

Just as Andy reaches his wits end about the situation, he came up with an idea. Thinking quickly, Andy hustles Warren into making a small bet worth a dollar. When Warren unwittingly accepts the bet, Andy arrest him for gambling.

Seeing the error of his ways, Warren dropped the charges and all was well in Mayberry. The incident inspired Andy to tell Warren "The Mayberry Rules for a Happy Life" They are"

  • 1) Don't play leapfrog with elephants
  • 2) Don't pet a tiger unless his tail is wagging
  • 3) Never, ever mess with the Ladies' Auxiliary.

TRIVIA NOTE: Former Deputy Barney Fife (Don Knotts) had his own rules. Rule No. 1: Obey all rules. Rule No. 2: Do not write on the walls, as it is very hard to erase writing from walls.

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