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 Middle & High Schools

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Ridgedale Valley Prep School

Ridgevale Valley, USA Learning the Ropes 
North Hills Junior High (later called Hillridge Middle School - District 41) California Lizzie McGuire 

Harry S. Truman Memorial High

Webster Groves, MO  Lucas Tanner 

Madison High School 

New England Margie

Franklin High School 

St. Louis, MO Making The Grade

Pacific Coast High School 

Malibu, CA Malibu Shores 

Polk High
Team: "The Panthers"

Chicago, IL Married with Children

Manhattan High School

Manhattan, NY The Marshall Chronicles

Bayview High School

Bayonne, NJ Matt Waters      

Jefferson High School

Los Angeles, CA      Mr. Novak 

Jefferson City Junior High

Jefferson City, USA Mr. Peepers      

Briarwood High School 

Briarwood, Canada My Secret Identity

Liberty High School 

Pittsburgh, PA My So-Called Life  
Bryant Park High Bryant Park, USA (Midwest) My Three Sons

Gerald R. Middle School 

USA Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher    

Madison High School 

Madison, USA Our Miss Brooks

Santo Domingo High School

Santo Domingo, CA Parker Lewis Can't Lose 

Norbridge High School 

London, UK Press Gang 
Upper Redwood High School Canada Radio Active

Walt Whitman High School 

Los Angeles, CA Room 222
West Roswell High School
Team: "The Comets"
Roswell, NM Roswell

Bayside High School 

Palisades, CA Saved By The Bell

Bayside High School 

Palisades, CA Saved by the Bell - The New Class 

Paradise Valley Jr. High

Paradise Valley, USA Secret World Of Alex Mack

Edward R. Murrow Jr. High

New York City, NY Seinfeld
Smallville High School
Team: "The Crows"
Newspaper: "The Torch"
Smallville, KS Smallville
Piedmont High School Washington, DC Smart Guy

Woodbridge Academy  

Manhattan, NY - Upper West Side Social Studies

Woodbridge High School 

Manhattan, NY Something So Right  

McKinley High School  

Anytown, USA  Spencer  

Weemawee Central High

Anytown, USA Square Pegs 
Booker T. Washington High
Team: "The Cheetahs"
Chicago, IL The Steve Harvey Show

Flat Point High School  

Anytown, USA            Strangers with Candy

Edison High School

New York, NY Student Bodies

Sweet Valley High School

Sweet Valley, USA  Sweet Valley High   

Millard Fillmore High School 

Los Angeles, CA Teachers Only    
Bayside High School
Team: "Barracudas"
San Francisco,. CA That's So Raven

Bolton Central High School 

Anytown, USA Today Is Ours

Hamilton High School

Anytown, USA Trouble With Father 

Roosevelt High School 

Anytown, USA TV 101 
Neptune High School
Team: "The Pirates"
Newspaper: "The Navigator"
Mascot: Polly the Parrot
NOTE: At Veronica's old school the team was called "The Rhinos." She was their mascot "Horny."
Neptune, CA Veronica Mars
Pan High School
Mascot: a goat
(Pan High School is the rival of Neptune High School located a few miles inland from the coastal town of Neptune, CA.)
Near Neptune, CA Veronica Mars

Waverly High School

Eastfield, WI The Waverly Wonders 

James Buchanan High

Brooklyn, NY Welcome Back, Kotter

Hawthorne High School

Anytown, USA Welcome Freshman 
Los Angeles High School Los Angeles, CA What a Country

Carver High School 

Los Angeles, CA White Shadow  

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. High

Anytown, USA The Wonder Years      

William McKinley High

Anytown, USA The Wonder Years 

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"No, thanks. Y'see, I hated high school enough the first time around. Swimmin' in gym class without your shorts, health films, can't get the girl you want because your shoes aren't groovy enough."

-- Off. Tom Hanson, 21 Jump Street

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