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Daisy Duke - Backwoods beauty (played by Catherine Bach) seen on the rural adventure series THE DUKES OF HAZZARD/CBS/1979-85.

Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke - THE DUKES OF HAZZARD

Daisy lived with her Uncle Jesse and her "good ol' boy" cousins Bo and Luke on their farm in Hazzard County, Georgia. Curvaceous, Daisy likes to wear cut off denim jeans that reveal her long and luscious legs.

Daisy Duke worked at the Boar's Nest bar and served up drinks and barbeque ribs to old Boss Hogg (Sorrell Broook), the fat, little tyrant who owned of the roadside eatery.

To get around, Daisy drove a yellow Road Runner (and later a white Jeep). See also "Daisy Duke's Pants" and "Luke & Bo Duke"

TRIVIA NOTE: Dallas-born singer Jessica Simpson has been cast to star in the role of Daisy Duke in the big-screen remake of the TV series that is scheduled for release to theaters in 2005.

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