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Sardonac - Love potion featured on the sci-fi series ALIEN NATION/FOX/1989-91.

Detectives Matthew Sikes and George Francisco - ALIEN NATION
Detectives Matthew Sikes and George Francisco

Sardonac was used by Tenctonese newcomers (aliens from outer space) when they were mating. A person drinking the fluid bonds emotionally for a life to the first person they see after consuming it.

In the case of detective Matthew Sikes (Gary Graham), an LAPD homicide police officer, it was rather funny. He burst into a room just as a Newcomer male named Marvin drank the fluid.

Instead of seeing the woman he was to bond with, the alien looked up in the excitement and saw the policeman. "You know, Matt," said Marvin "I like women. But I find you very compelling."

Extremely uncomfortable with the situation, Sikes seeks help from his biochemist girlfriend Cathy, who is also a newcomer.

Sikes: How do I get rid of him? 
Cathy: You should have thought of that before you gave him the Sardonac.
Sikes:  I DIDN'T GIVE IT TO HIM! Look, Cathy, it happened at work. We busted into a hotel room, this guy had just had a shot of this stuff, looked at me and whammo.
Cathy  [laughing] Oh. He drank the Sardonac and you were the first person he saw...You haven't had sex with him yet, have you?
Marvin: Not yet.
Sikes: Shut up! No, I haven't had sex with him.

Fortunately, the fluid's effect wore off in a few weeks, because the "love" was never consummated - the cement that made Sardonac's influence permanent. But they were the longest few weeks in Matthew Sikes life.

"Sardonac or "Sardonak" figured into the storylines of episodes "Fifteen to Wanda" (10/9/89) and "Chains of Love" (11/27/89).

TRIVIA NOTE: On episode No. 125 "Once In a Vial" (1-4-68) of the sitcom BEWITCHED/ABC/1964-72 Endora the witch (Agnes Moorehead) accidentally drinks a love potion she intended for her daughter and falls madly in love with a mortal named Bo Callahan, one of Darrin Stephens clients. Just as Endora was about to say "I do" at the wedding ceremony, the potion wore off.

On the sitcom I DREAM OF JEANNIE/NBC/1965-70 Jeannie the genie (Barbara Eden) concocts a homemade candy called "Pip Chicks," which brings out people's hidden fantasies. See also - BOOKS -"Martian Compendium of Home Remedies..."

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