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Dating Rules & Suggestions
Seinfeld Dating Rules - On the sitcom SEINFELD/NBC/1990-98 standup comic Jerry Seinfeld occasionally explained his philosophy on dating and relationships.

Kramer, George, Elaine, Jerry

On episode No. 27 "The Stranded"  fans of the program were introduced to "The Male Code," a proposed a set of rules by which men should conduct themselves. One of the rules stated that if two men go to a party and one gets lucky, he is under no obligation to drive his friend home.

George Costanza (Jason Alexander) had no problem following this rule when he decided to leave a Long Island party with the beautiful Ava (Teri Austin), even though it meant leaving behind his two friends Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) and Elaine Benes (Julia-Louis Dreyfus).

On another occasion Jerry and Elaine, were just plain horny. But to make sure their interlude of physical abandon didn't destroy their friendship they agreed to the following rules:

1) No phone calls the next day.
2) Spending the night is optional.
3) No kissing goodbye.

On episode No. 28 "The Alternate Side" Jerry qualified "seven" dates for a face-to-face breakup.

On episode No. 34 "The Boyfriend" he revealed the biggest step in a male relationship is helping a guy move his belongings -"It's like going all the way."

On episode No. 57 "The Implant," Jerry's friend Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) stated that attending a funeral of a girlfriend's loved one is like "10 dates in one shot."

On episode No. 106 "The Postponement" Jerry said the best feature of a heavy relationship is "Make up sex-topped only by conjugal-visit sex

In regards to personal relationships Jerry Seinfeld offered these samples of the four worst words in the English language. They are:
"We have to talk"; and "Who's bra is this?" See also Sex Techniques: "The Move" and "The Swirl" 

Cast of SEINFELD - Kramer, Elaine, Jerry and George
Kramer, Elaine, Jerry and George

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