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Whoopee! - As in "Let's make whoopee!" This word was the censor-sanctioned euphemism for sex used on THE NEWLYWED GAME/ABC/SYN/1966-90.

The Newlywed Game - Logo

Whenever host Bob Eubanks asked questions about S-E-X, he veiled his queries by using the word Whoopee! A typical question to the newlyweds: "When you and your husband first made Whoopee!, was he a limp shrimp, a stout trout, or a virgin sturgeon?"

The wildest segment from the show occurred in 1977 when Bob asked where "specifically" had a contestant's husband made whoopee with her. The woman answered' "In the ass."

Of course, her answer was bleeped. But it was caught on video and resurfaced on a 1980s game show retrospective in 2002.

The game show 3's A CROWD/SYN/1979-80, a retread of THE NEWLYWED GAME also used the word "Whoopee!" For example, "If you and your secretary decided to make Whoopee! in the office, what would be the most inventive place you could thing of?"

Both programs were produced by Chuck Barris, the creator of THE GONG SHOW.


Eubanks: Where will your husband say your worst "whoopee" session usually takes place?
Wife: In the bathtub.
Eubanks:  In the bathtub?
Wife: Yes, because the water always makes his peenie shrivel up.

TRIVIA NOTE: During "The Nerds" sketch on a SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE program in the 1970s, comedian Jane Curtin played the mother of Lisa Loopner, a nerdy teenager.

In an attempt to teach Lisa about the "birds and the bees," Mrs. Loopner related this little story. "Making a baby, it's like making egg salad. You the woman, produce the eggs, and the man furnishes the mayonnaise. Of course, you don't need chopped celery. Oh, I've just given you my egg salad recipe, and I was saving that for your twenty-first birthday."

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