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Children's Shows & Cartoon Signoffs 

Exit, stage left (or right)!" - Favorite departing line of Snagglepuss a slim orange-furred lion with cuffs, collar, string tie and a lisp on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon YOGI BEAR. His other catchphrase was "Heavens to Murgatroid!"

"Goodbye, Kids" - Words uttered by Clarabell the Clown on the final moments of the popular children's program THE HOWDY DOODY SHOW/NBC/1947-60. As the clock ticked down the last seconds of the program, the silent clown looked into the cameras and spoke for the first and last time, the simple phrase "Goodbye, Kids." See also CLOWNS

"Happy Trails..." - At the conclusion of each episode of western series THE ROY ROGERS SHOW/NBC/1951-57, Roy Rogers "The King of the Cowboys" and Dale Evans "The Queen of the West" sang their trademark sign-off duet of "Happy Trails To You" (written by Dale Evans). The song lyric intoned "Happy trails to you until we meet again/Happy Trails to you, keep smilin' until then.../Happy Trails to you, until we meet again."

"Hi-Yo, Silver Away!" - Rousing command giving to Silver the white horse during each episode of the western adventure THE LONE RANGER/ABC/1949-57. When the Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore) finished helping settlers in the Old West, he mounted his horse and rode away but not before mouthing the classic signature signoff "Hi-Yo Silver Away!" According to the book Who Was That Masked Man? by David Rothel, the phrase "Hi-Yo, Silver Away!" went through a series of revision before its original debut on radio on January 30, 1933. Examples of earlier versions written by Fran Striker included "Hi-Yi, Yippy, Silver away," and "Come along, Silver! that's the boy...Hi-Yi (hearty laugh)...Now cut loose and awa-a-y." According to director Jim Jewell, the actor George Seaton who was playing the role of the Lone Ranger in the original episodes didn't make a convincing laugh as scripted. So, in an effort to help the actor out, the writer's experimented with other phrase like "Hi-Yi!" and "Yippee" among others. Finally according to Jewell he recommended the English saying "Heigh-Ho" and with a slight change "Hi-Yo, Silver Away!" was born. A whistle originally followed the "Hi-Yo, Silver Away" phrase but was later deleted from the script when Jim Jewell left radio station WXYZ (he was the whistle). Two songs entitled "Hi-Yo Silver" were produced for the Lone Ranger films. The first was produced for the 1938 Lone Ranger movie serial; and the second one (written by Les Baxter and Lenny Adelson) appeared during the opening credits of the feature film The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold (1958) starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels.

TRIVIA NOTE: According to historian Irving Settel, the phrase "Hi-Yo Silver" was used as a password by American troops entering Algiers during World War II.

"Now it's time to say goodbye..." - The closing lines of each episode of the children's program THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB/ABC/1955-59 ended with the now classic phrase "Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company. M-I-C (See you real soon). K-E-Y (why? Because we like you). M-O-U-S-E."

"Same bat time. Same bat channel!" - The episode closing line of the fantasy adventure BATMAN/ABC/1966-68. At the conclusion of each episode, an unseen announcer (voice of William Dozier) petitioned the viewers to tune in to the next episode "Same bat time. Same bat channel!" to discover the fate of the Dynamic Duo, Batman (Adam West) and his sidekick, Robin (Burt Ward) who were usually about to be killed by some nefarious scheme.

"So long for now and spaceman's luck to all of you" - The weekly sign-off of Tom Corbett (Frankie Thomas), a member of the Solar Guards featured in the early episodes of the sci-fi series TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADET/CBS/ABC/NBC/DUM/ 1950-55.

"Th-uh-th-uh-That's all folks!" - This was the classic trademark stammering signoff of Porky the Pig who was seen popping out of the closing credits of the Looney Toon cartoons produced by Warner Brothers. In 1975 voice impressionist Mel Blanc starred in an American Express Card commercial where he said: "Do you know me? Would you believe I'm the voice of Bugs Bunny. But in here (a restaurant) they don't care if I'm Daffy Duck. Desthpicable" The commercial ended with Blanc saying: "Why without this, the only way I'd get any attention is by saying, 'Th-uh-th-uh-that's all, folks!"

"Yes, sir, we're pals and pals stick together" - The affectionate closing statement that children's show host Ed McConnell delivered at the end of each installment of SMILIN' ED'S GANG/NBC/CBS/ABC/1950-55. Sponsored by Buster Brown shoes the program featured Froggy the Gremlin, Midnight the Cat and Squeeky the Mouse. The full text of the closing was "Yes, sir, we're pals and pals stick together. And now gang, don't forget church or Sunday school." When McConnell died in 1955, the series changed title to ANDY'S GANG/NBC/1955-60 hosted by Andy Devine.


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