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Signoffs - Departing Characters 

"Work on your jump shot" - The departing words of Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards) as he leaves the premises of Chicago's County General Hospital for the last time on episode No. 176 "Onion in the Sky" (aired April 4th, 2002).

Anthony Edwards as Dr. Mark Greene - ER

Diagnosed with a brain tumor, Mark's condition was beginning to seriously impact on his work performance and so he quietly makes the decision to quit his job, as well as stop his chemotherapy so he could comfortably enjoy the last two months of his life.

On his final shift after dealing with a heroin addicted junkie who just gave birth to an undersized baby, a deluded homeless man who just wants to get back to the streets and a woman complaining about a hang nail ("I've got an inoperable brain tumor. I win") Mark removes a splinter from the hand of small blond haired girl and congratulates her for being his final patient.

Mark then quietly finishes his shift, tells his unsuspecting medical comrades good night and then walks off into the evening through the emergency room's sliding doors.

As he leaves the hospital grounds, Mark picks up a basketball lying outside beneath a practice hoop, and tells Dr. John Carter (Noah Wyle) the ball needs air. Mark's last bit of advice to Carter was "Work on your jump shot."

For Dr. Greene's farewell letter see SIGNOFFS - Death & Dying"

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