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Signoffs - Departing Characters 

"This is so cool!" - The final words of Michael J. Fox as former Deputy Mayor Michael Flaherty as he left the series on the 100th episode of SPIN CITY/ABC/1996-2002.

Heather Locklear and Michael J. Fox - SPIN CITY
Caitlin Moore and Michael Flaherty

When a controversy erupted in the Mayor's Office potentially linking the Mayor to Mob figures Mike arranges for all the evidence to point in his direction and so becomes the fall guy to save the Mayor and his fellow staffers.

Mike leaves City Hall and then six months later Mike sends an e-mail to his close friend Caitlin Moore (Heather Locklear). As we see Mike walking along a concourse of green grass, the following scene plays out.

[Catlin's computer "Welcome, you've got mail']


Hiya, Sweetie. Sorry it took so long to write. I miss you.

Caitlin: [Responding verbally] "I miss you. too.

Say Hi to everybody for me. Unless, of course when you sat you sat down your e-mail was already open. In which case, I'm guessing Carter already read it. It's amazing how much I love being an environmental lobbyist. Although, not everybody loves us. Especially the conservatives. I just met this junior senator from Ohio. What a dip. Alex P. Keaton. Anyway, I can't wait to see you this weekend. I love you. And don't worry about me. Everything is going to be OK....I got a big appointment  this afternoon, if I can just find it.You know, they don't  put addresses on any of the buildings here." [Mike is seen standing in front of the White House]"...ahh, that's 1600. This is so cool!"


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