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"You got the job...No kidding!? - On the series finale episode of the sitcom WHO'S THE BOSS/ABC/1984-92, Tony Micelli (Tony Danza) returns from Bradford, Iowa to rekindle his romance with his former employer, Angela Bower (Judith Light).

Angela and Tony Kiss - WHO'S THE BOSS

In the final scene, back in Connecticut at Angela's house, the doorbell rings. Angela comes down the stairs in the same bathrobe she wore in the first episode and answers the door to find Tony standing there in a tuxedo. The last words from the show's script follows:

Angela: Tony
Tony: Hi.
Angela: What are you doing here?
Tony:  Well, I, ah, I heard you're looking for a housekeeper?
Angela: Yeah, but what are you doing here?
Tony: Uh, I heard you're looking for a housekeeper? Can I come in?
Angela: Yes, of course.
Tony:  [Walking in] Do you, uh, you always wear that outfit when you're interviewing housekeepers? I seem to remember that you were wearing that the first time I interviewed for this job.
Angela: Oh, yea. How about that? Boy, you seem to be dressing better.
Tony: Yea, well I just came from picking up this award for "Outstanding Teacher of the Year" and then I quit.
Angela:  You quit?
Tony: Yea, you know, they gave me this big banquet, you know, and they gave me the award. It was terrific. And then I went back to my beautiful apartment and I realized I have nobody to show my plaque to. See? (Shows Angela the plaque)
Angela: Oh, that's a nice one.
Tony: Yea, it is, isn't it... has a little lamp of education.
Angela: Yea.
Tony:  Um, so, about the job? Not for nothin', looks like you could use me.
Angela: Tony, that's very sweet of you, but I thought we both agreed...
Tony: No, we were both wrong, Angela. I mean, I can apply for jobs in the area. I just know that it's very important that I be in the area.
Angela: I see.
Tony: Yea, you know, it was kind of bothering me that I was... out of the area.
Angela: Look, Tony. I don't ever want you to resent this.
Tony: Angela, the only thing I resented was being without you.
Angela: [Smiles] So, what are your qualifications?
Tony: Well, um. [Passionately kisses Angela]
Angela: You got the job.
Tony: No kidding! [Tony and Angela kiss again as the screen fades to black]

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