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Ape - Cultured, well-mannered brown ape companion of clumsy Tarzan type on the cartoon series GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE/ABC/1967-70.

George of the Jungle - Gold Key Comic

The cartoon's title theme summarizes George and Ape's relationship.

"When he gets in a scrape/he'll make his escape/with the  help of his friend/an ape named Ape."


Ape speaks like the suave 1930s British film actor Ronald Colman (celebrity voice provided by Paul Frees). When Ape needs to send a message through the jungle he beats on his belly (his "tum-tum tom-tom").

John Cleese provided the voice of "an ape named 'Ape' " in the live-action motion picture adaptation of the cartoon series George of the Jungle (1997) and the video sequel George of the Jungle 2 (2003).

Richard J. Mueck wore Ape's ape costume.

Publicity shot - GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE (1997)
George Faces Down Ape - 1997 Movie

Paul Dobson provided the voice of Ape in the 2007 TV cartoon remake that aired on the Cartoon Network.

George of the Jungle  - Cartoon Network
George of the Jungle - 2007 series

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