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Captain Simian- The story of Charlie (voice of Jerry Doyle), a 1960s NASA chimp sent into space on the sci-fi cartoon CAPTAIN SIMIAN AND THE SPACE MONKEYS/SYN/1996.

Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys
Shao Lin, Gor-illa, Spydor, Captain Simian & Splitzy

Accidentally traveling beyond the solar system, Charlie is retrieved by a strange race of aliens who imbued Charlie with genius-level intelligence.

Now known as Captain Simian, Charlie was given a space ship named the Primate Avenger and a mandate to battle evil in the galaxy.

Aided by the Orbitron (voice Jeff Glen Bennett), a floating orb that contained a vast repository of advanced alien knowledge, Charlie returns to Earth and enlists the aid of primates:

  • Gor-illa (a brawny Gorilla)
  • Shao Lin (a female Tibetan Monkey)
  • Spydor (a Spider Monkey)
  • Splitzy (a baboon)

Together, they become "The Space Monkeys" who like Captain Simian were imbued with advanced intelligence.

The Captain's primary enemy was the sinister Lord Nebula (voice of Michael Dorn), and his villainous creation Rhesus 2 (voice of Malcolm McDowell) whose mission was to conquer the universe.

The 26-episode series was produced by Hallmark Entertainment / Monkeyshine Productions in association with Epoc Ink.

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