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Magilla Gorilla - Goofy talking ape on the half-hour Hanna-Barbera cartoon THE MAGILLA GORILLA SHOW/SYN/1964.

Magilla Gorilla with Banana

Magilla Gorilla (voice of Allen Melvin) wore pants, suspenders and a derby hat. He lived in Los Angeles at Peebles Pet Shop owned by the mustachioed Mr. Peebles who hoped to find a customer willing to buy Magilla as a pet (but generally there were no takers). The theme song intoned "...Won't you buy him? Take him home and try him. Magilla Gorilla for sale!"

Theme Song Lyrics

We've got a gorilla for sale...a yellow gorilla for sale.
Won't you buy him...take him home and try him...gorilla for sale.
See in the window, Magilla Gorilla...full of charm and appeal.
Handsome, elegant, intelligent, sweet...He's really ideal.
So if you want a yellow gorilla you can call your own...
a gorilla who'll be with ya when you're all alone.

(Magilla speaking): "Its the MAGILLA GORILLA SHOW.
Starring me and Mr. Peebles...
with Mush-Mouse and Pumpkin-Puss and Rickochet Rabbit and Droop-Along"

(Little girl speaking): "How much is that Gorilla in the window?"

Take our advice...
at any price...
a gorilla like Magilla is mighty nice.
Magilla Gorilla for sale......

Magilla Gorilla for Sale - Peebles Pet Shop
Mr. Peebles Discounts Magilla for a Quick Sale

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