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Bingo the Chimp - Chimpanzee on the sitcom THE ABBOTT & COSTELLO SHOW/SYN/CBS/1952-54.


Bingo wore a derby, necktie and checkered coat that matched the clothes worn by his owner, Lou Costello, an unemployed actor sharing a Los Angeles apartment with his friend, Bud Abbott.

Lou discovered this mischievous chimpanzee while working at Fields Pet Shop. Bingo's diet included eating watermelon and some 50 pounds of bananas a week.

On the episode "Safari," Lou and his chimp traveled to Africa to locate Bingo's father. (His mother worked with a traveling circus.)

Once, Lou took Bingo to get a pet license and accidentally got directed to the marriage license bureau line.

In 1993, comedian Jerry Seinfeld hosted an Abbott & Costello marathon on Comedy Central. Of Bingo, he commented "Truly the most bizarre addition to this entire series was the idea of Bingo the Chimp. That these two guys, who literally did not have a quarter for a sandwich, would adopt – not as a pet, but as a son -- the chimp."

The role of Bingo was played by a female chimp. Reportedly, Bingo ended his acting career after he bit Lou Costello, who promptly fired the simian sidekick.

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