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Chim the Chimp - Chimpanzee on the jungle adventure SHEENA, QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE/SYN/1955-56.

Chim the Chimp with Irish McCalla - SHEENA, QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE

Chim was the simian sidekick of Sheena, (Irish McCalla) an airplane crash survivor who grew up in the jungles of Kenya, Africa. Together, Sheena and Chim defended their jungle kingdom with cunning, strength and a spear carried by Sheena. The role of Chim was played by Neal the Chimp.

According to Irish McCalla, (the program's star who wore a one-piece leopard skin costume) "Chim used to trip me all of the time." It seemed that Chim had a fixation for her leather moccasins. He loved to smell and chew on them." (Starlog magazine No. 89).

Christian Drake who played Bob the Hunter on the series recalled that the chimp's trainer would us a pistol with blanks to keep the chimp under control. The sound of the gun fire sent Neal "screaming and running to his cage" (from "The Encyclopedia of TV Pets" p. 280).

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