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Simians at a Glance

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Name of Character Description Program
Bingo the Chimp Mischievous derby wearing Chimp friend of Lou Costello Abbott & Costello Show
Peko the Marmoset Small South American monkey owned by the villain Dr. Fu-Manchu who operated out of Macao Adventures of Fu Manchu
Abu Monkey with a Fez hat who assists his friend Aladdin in the ancient days of Persia. Aladdin (Disney's)
Oofi the Gorilla Caged gorilla and former circus performer who jumped, stomped, and generally banged the hell out of a piece of American Tourister luggage American Tourister Ads
Adam the Chimp Chimp traveling with research scientist in mobile laboratory Ark II
Bear the Chimp The simian sidekick of human trucker B. J McCabe who traveled the country in an 18-wheeler rig. B. J. & the Bear
Bingo Costumed-monkey with sunglasses and broad toothy smile who hung out with his other zany animal friends The Banana Splits Hour
Zippy the Chimp Chimpanzee sidekick of explorer Captain Safari Captain Safari of the Jungle Patrol
Captain Simian 1960s NASA chimp imbued with super intelligence by alien race. Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys
Chimplock Hums Sherlock Holmes-type monkey who solved crimes The Chimps
Judy the Chimp Chimpanzee that lives at the Wameru Animal Study Center for Animal Behavior in Africa Daktari
Monkey Mild-mannered lab monkey who turns into MONKEY, the Intergalactic Defender of the Universe Dexter's Laboratory
Nairobi Trio Three mechanical windup toy gorillas (actually human actors) dressed in bowler hats, overcoats and rubber gorilla masks who played musical instruments to the beat of the song "Solfeggio." The Ernie Kovacs Show
Chester the Chimp Chimp pet of Tattoo, the diminutive sidekick of Mr. Roarke Fantasy Island
Marcel the Monkey White-faced Capuchin monkey pet of paleontologist Ross Geller who adopted Marcel after it was rescued from a research lab. Friends
Ape named Ape Cartoon ape companion of Klutzy Tarzan type. George of the Jungle
Tracy the Gorilla Ghostbusting gorilla who wore a beany cap with propeller top. He was one of a trio of ghostbusters who tracked down the ghosts of famous criminals. The Ghost Busters
Grape Ape 2000 pound purple gorilla who travel around the country with his dog friend Beegle Beagle. The Great Grape Ape
Goriddle Gorilla A large puppet-like orange-furred gorilla with a gravely voice who loved bananas a gravely voice. The Great Space Coaster
Harry (Bigfoot) Bigfoot creature who befriended a Seattle family. Harry & the Hendersons
The Marquis Chimps Theatrical Chimps live with The Hathaway family in between gigs The Hathaways
Igoo Rock Ape who befriended the Herculoids and protected them with his tremendous strength and courage. The Herculoids
Tamba the Chimp Chimpanzee pet of African hunter/explorer Jungle Jim,  and his son 10-year-old son, Skipper Jungle Jim
King Kong 50-Foot ape who befriends a small boy. The original King Kong character appeared in the 1933 film of the same name featuring the stop-motion animation of Willis O'Brien. King Kong

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