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Simians at a Glance

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Name of Character Description Program
Lancelot Link Real Chimpanzee dressed in trench coat and hat who works for A.P.E. (Agency to Prevent Evil). His colleagues included his girlfriend Mata Hari and Darwin, a genius inventor. They battled the evil organization C.H.U.M.P. whose agents included Ali Assa Seen, The Baron, Creto, Dragon Woman, The Duchess, Dr. Strangemind and Wang Fu. Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp
Cha-Ka Monkey creature (a Palcus) who befriends a human family lost in a prehistoric landscape. Land of the Lost
Judy the Chimp Alien simian with long pointy ears who befriended Judy Robinson, a human lost in space with her family. Lost In Space
Magilla Gorilla Derby wearing simian who lives in Peebles Pet Show. The Magilla Gorilla Show
Buttons the Chimp Chimpanzee escapes from an Air Force test lab, and finds refuge with the Reynolds family in southern California. Me & the Chimp
Cha Cha the Orangutan Curious circus orangutan who accidentally drank a bottle of experimental formula that transformed him into a genius with an I.Q. of 256. Mr. Smith
Sal Bodyguard chimpanzee wearing a vest who protects Johnny Fiamma, the World's Greatest Singer The Muppets
Ozmoe the Monkey Electronically controlled monkey  Ozmoe
Dr. Zira & Cornelius Chimpanzee research scientists from the future earth who live in Ape City. They befriend human astronauts whose spacecraft time warped from the past to 2000 years into the future.  Other simians in Ape City included Dr. Zaius, a orangutan, Dr. Galen, a chimp, Urko and Ursus,  military leaders Planet of the Apes
Mojo Jojo Evil genius monkey who lives in Townsville. Based in a lab atop a dormant volcano, Mojo Jojo the mad scientist battled the youthful super-heroines known as the Powerpuff Girls. The Powerpuff Girls
Klaus Pet Monkey of Dieter, a strange man in a black body suit who hosted a offbeat show called Sprockets. Dieter often asked his guests if they wanted to "touch his monkey." Saturday Night Live
Chim the Chimp Chimpanzee sidekick of Sheena, a beautiful blond woman who lives in the jungle. Sheena, Queen of the Jungle
Mr. Teeny Monkey sidekick of Krusty the Klown. A monkey called Pray for Mojo was Homer Simpson's simian friend. Furious George, Moe the Bartender pet Monkey, ran about with a knife. Per Moe: "He ain't so pretty anymore." The Simpsons
Blip Sidekick monkey in a mask who worked with twins Jace and Jan, and the powerful hero Space Ghost. Space Ghost
Space Apeman Gori After failing to conquer his home world, the brilliant Space Apeman Gori and his sidekick Rah flee to earth. Using the Pollution in its atmosphere as a matrix to mold a horde of monsters, Gori proceeds to take over the planet until a cyborg named Spectreman arrives to defeat Gori's evil plan. Spectreman/Spectralman
Chim Chim Pet chimpanzee sidekick of Spritle, the younger brother of race car driver Speed Racer. Together, they helps maintain Speed Racers' powerful mock five car in between getting into mischief. Speed Racer
Mugato White ape like creature with horn protruding out of his head that attacked Captain James T. Kirk Star Trek
Gleek Blue monkey in yellow costume with purple belt, cape and boots who assists the Wondertwins, Zan and Jayna. Gorilla Grodd, also appeared as the arch nemesis of superhero The Flash. Superfriends
Cheeta The simian companion of vine swinging jungle hero Tarzan. On the animated Tarzan series, his  monkey was called Nkima. In the 1999 Disney cartoon Tarzan, his adopted gorilla parents were Kala (mom) and Kerchak (dad). Tarzan
J. Fred Muggs
Koko the Gorilla
Early morning simian mascot who appeared with host Dave Garroway during the 1950s episodes of The Today Show

Black, five-year-old gorilla who had been taught a 300 word vocabulary in sign language.

The Today Show
Darwin Chimpanzee who travels with The Thornberry's, a wildlife-documentary-making family, whose daughter Eliza Thornberry, can talk to animals. The Wild Thornberrys
Zephyr the Monkey Brown furry monkey doll once the childhood toy of disk Jockey Johnny Fever WKRP in Cinncinnati

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