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Agent 99 - The spy code name for Barbara Feldon when she appeared as Agent 99 on the spy spoof GET SMART/NBC/ABC/1965-70.

Agent 99

A former high fashion model, Agent 99 spoke fluent German, French, and Chinese and displayed a broad talent in the fields of music (she plays the violin and harp), singing, dance and acting.

Her various aliases included:

  • Melissa Westbrook (an art patron)
  • Miss Evans (Manicurist)
  • Greta Braun (wife of a rocket scientist)
  • Conchata (a flamenco dancer)
  • Miss Primrose (Easter Greeting Cards saleswoman)
  • Susan Hilton (fiancée to Victor Royal)
  • Rosita Delgado (Mexican singer)
  • Helen Blake (radio station employee)
  • Ninna (the maid for the Bulmanian ambassador)

The show's producer David Melnick originally wanted to call Feldon's character "Agent 69" (a tongue-in-cheek reference to the sexual position) but declined to do so knowing that he'd "never get it passed the censors." See also "Agent 86" and "CONTROL"

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