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Blue Light - Code name of a secret group of eighteen WWII Allied counterspies working to infiltrate Germany's "Third Reich" on the spy drama BLUE LIGHT/ABC/1966.

Robert Goulet as David March - THE BLUE LIGHT

David March (Robert Goulet), the group's lone survivor (17 of the Code: Blue Light agents were killed by Nazi agent, Heinrich Elm of German counterintelligence), continued his mission of passing along vital secrets to the Allies, while posing as a foreign correspondent who had renounced his allegiance to America.

While the Germans were pleased to use March as a propaganda tool against the Allies, March was busy working behind scenes foiling the Germans plans like destroying an underground fortress impervious to Allied air strike that housed deadly caches of weaponry.

March’s contact and ally in his espionage activities is an attractive blonde, Suzanne Duchard (Christine Carère), herself a double agent working in the Gestapo.

Suzanne Duchard with David March - THE BLUE LIGHT
Suzanne Duchard with David March

Suzanne Duchard with David March - THE BLUE LIGHT

The Blue Light series was filmed in Germany and other European locales. It was inspired by the wartime experiences of series co-creator Walter Grauman.

Robert Goulet as David March - 20th Century Movie - I DEAL IN DANGER

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