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B.S.I. - Bureau of Scientific Information, a government agency featured on the spy series TOP SECRET, U.S.A./SYN/1954-55.

Paul Stewart as Professor Brand - TOP SECRET, USA

Gena Rowlands as Powell - TOP SECRET, USA

Professor Brand His assistant, Powell

The undercover agents for the B.S.I. included: Professor Brand (Paul Stewart) and Powell, his female assistant (Gena Rowlands).

Their B.S.I. counter-intelligence missions investigate such incidents as:

  • a nuclear scientist goes insane when her child is killed in an atomic experiment
  • a telepathic girl endangered by atomic experiments
  • the theft of nuclear fission elements
  • a haunted French uranium mine
  • faulty rocket components
  • a food-poisoning epidemic
  • a crazed satellite ship pilot
  • the mysterious explosion of a jet prototype
  • the sudden blindness of a leading scientist.

TRIVIA NOTE: The program TOP SECRET, USA capitalized on the Cold War fever infecting the country at the time. It was produced the same year that Julius Rosenberg, an electrical engineer who had worked for the Army Signal Corps and his wife, Ethel were found guilty of providing top-secret information on nuclear weapons to the Russians. The Rosenbergs were executed for treason on July 19, 1953.

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