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Captain Midnight - The alias of Captain Jim Albright (a.k.a. "Guardian of the Safety of the World"), a private citizen and leader of "The Secret Squadron" on the adventure CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT/CBS/1954-56.


Captain Jim Albright (Richard Webb) received his nickname during WWII while, as a young American pilot. he returned to base after completing a dangerous mission just as the church steeple clock struck twelve midnight.

With the assistance of the members of the Secret Squadron, Captain Midnight  battled mobsters and other enemies of freedom. The Captain's code sign is SQ1.

"On a mountaintop high above a large city stands the headquarters of a man devoted to the cause of freedom and justice, a war hero who has never stopped fighting against his country's enemies, a private citizen who is dedicating his life to the struggle against evil men everywhere...CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT!" -- Opening

The members of the Secret Squadron included:

  • Sid Melton as Ichabod "Icky" Mudd, the Captain's trusty mechanic who maintained the sleek jet fighter known as the Silver Dart. Icky's code sign is SQ2.
  • Olan Soulé as Aristotle "Tut" Jones, an eccentric scientist. His code sign is SQ3.


Secret Squadron Office - CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT

Members of the Secret Squadron - Tut, Ikky and Captain Midnight - CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT

Program Title

Midnight's Office

Tut, Ikky & Captain

Pocket Communicator - CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT

The Captain's Convertible - CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT

Silver Signet Ring Offer - CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT

 Communicator The Captain's Car Silver Signet Ring

When the series went into syndication Captain Midnight's name was changed to JET JACKSON (still played by Richard Webb).

Jet Jackson, The Flying Commando

Because The Wander Company, the maker's of Ovaltine still owned the rights to the Captain Midnight name, the name of Captain Midnight  was overdubbed with the name of "Jet Jackson." when the show aired.

The Captain Midnight character was created by Robert Murit and Wilfred Moore. It originated on radio in 1938 on station WGN in Chicago.  It's first sponsor was Skelly Oil Company (1938-40), followed by The Wander Company,  the makers of "Ovaltine."

Excerpt from an Ovaltine Commercial

"Captain Midnight calling all members of the Secret Squadron.

Your first duty at all times, is to keep your self in first class condition, ready and able to do your best and meet the test when your turn comes to undertake some vital mission.

Because some day you may be the one called upon to parachute to a secret rendezvous or interpret radar warnings for civilian defense, or to cooperate with the Coast Guard and patrol the shores in times of danger, to bring much needed aid and confort to disaster victims.

And when the time comes, when the test comes, you've got to be ready for it with plenty of stamina in reserve. That's why I want all Secret Squadron members to drink Ovaltine, everyday, as I do.

Yes, chocolate flavored Ovaltine, either hot or cold, because Ovaltine gives you the nourishment you need for strength and staying power."

Ed Prentiss, Bill Bouchey and Paul Barnes all played Captain Jim "Red" Albright, (Captain Midnight) on radio. Dave O'Brien played in Columbia Pictures' 15-episode serial Captain Midnight (1942).

Richard Webb (TV's Captain Midnight) died at the age of 77 from a self-inflicted wound on June 10, 1993 at his home in Van Nuys, California. He left a note saying he was despondent over a chronic respiratory problem (People Weekly 6/28/93).

TRIVIA NOTE: In 1952, The Wander Company brought Captain Midnight to the small screen as the host of "CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT'S ADVENTURE THEATER." The program  featured re-edited chapters of old Republic movie serials, and "Ovaltine" commercials. This version of the Captain Midnight franchise was short-lived. Below is a sample:

Captain Midnight's Adventure Theater

[Sound of a bell tolling, the whoosh of a jet plane]

Announcer: Caaaaptaaaain Midnight!
The Captain: This is Captain Midnight. I'll be on the ground in just thirty seconds with this week's exciting adventure. So stand by.
Announcer: Stand by for "Captain Midnight's Adventure Theater." brought to you each week at this time by Ovaltine,
sweet chocolate flavored Ovaltine Here's the way to start the day with your own delicious nourishing cup of Ovaltine, the right hot drink for children with breakfast. Ovaltine, the heart of a hearty breakfast That's the way to start the day.
Singers: Ovaltine! Ovaltine! That's the way to start the day.
Announcer: Right, Captain Midnight?
The Captain: You bet your life it's good. Now let's get to today's adventure.

Captain Midnight's Adventure Theater

Announcer: Now back to Captain Midnight.
The Captain: Captain Midnight ready for takeoff. See you next week at this same time.
Announcer: Tune in next week at this same time for another exciting chapter in CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT'S ADVENTURE THEATER brought  to you by Ovaltine [sound of bell tolling].

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