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The Hunter - Code name for wealthy American businessman playboy Bart Adams (Barry Nelson) on the espionage adventure THE HUNTER/CBS/NBC/1952-54.

Barry Nelson as Bart Adams - THE HUNTER

Bart Adams secretly worked as a Cold War espionage agent in Western Europe fighting Communism on both sides of the Iron Curtain for the US Government.

A master of disguise, Adams communicated with his contacts using a secret "Whistle" code from the song "Frere Jacques" followed by a lusty wolf's whistle.

Other regulars on the series included:

  • Anna Minot as Liz (Bart's friend in Prague)
  • Lisa Howard as Janet Wood (a reporter)
  • Barbara Bolton as Rita (Bart's friend in Copenhagen)
  • Susanna TaFel as Ruby Ellis (Bart's old flame).

TRIVIA NOTE: Keith Larsen assumed the role of Bart Adams when Barry Nelson left the series in 1954.

Other characters over the years tagged with the name Hunter included:

  • The Hunter, a southern bloodhound (voice of Kenny Delmar) who proclaimed "I a-a-a-a-a-m the Hunter!" on the component series THE HUNTER on the cartoon KING LEONARDO AND HIS SHORT SUBJECTS/NBC/1960-63
  • James Hunter (James Franciscus), a bookstore owner-turned-spy on the drama HUNTER/CBS/1977
  • Sergeant Rick Hunter (Fred Dryer) on the police drama HUNTER/NBC/1984-91.

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