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Secret Organizations - The Good Guys

Men In Black (M.I.B) - Ultra secret organization on the animated cartoon MEN IN BLACK: THE SERIES/WB/1997-2001.

M.I.B. Headquarters - MEN IN BLACK: The Animated Series
M.I.B. Headquarters

The M.I.B. group was designed to monitor outer space aliens who either lived peacefully on Earth in an assortment of guises or those species who threatened to conquer the planet.

Men in Black operatives (as their group's name implied) all wore black suits and dark-tinted sunglasses. An alphabetical coding system identified all agents.

The focus of the series followed Agent J (voice of Keith Diamond), a cool, strong and heroic rookie and Agent K (voice of Ed Ross), the seasoned senior partner whose seen it all and more.

Agents J & K on Assignment - MEN IN BLACK: The Animated Series
Agents Jay and Kay on assignment

Their arsenal of sophisticated weapons and gadgets included a silver metallic hand held tube device which selectively erased the memory of anyone looking into its flash.

Aliens - MEN IN BLACK: The Animated Series

Supervised by MIB Head named Zed (voice of Charles Napier), J & K ran the gambit of aliens like

  • Jeebs the pawnshop owner
  • Frank the Pug
  • The Worm Guys
  • The Twins
  • The Bugs (as seen in the movie version)
  • The Buzzard, an alien bounty hunter
  • Alpha, the original head of MIB who went mad ("he twisted his mind on some bad cosmic machinery")
  • Forbus, a psychotic alien cab driver.

Logo - MEN IN BLACK: The Animated Series

TRIVIA NOTE:  The animated MIB series was based on the theatrical film Men in Black (1996) and 2002 sequel starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

Some devoted UFO buffs lambasted the series for trivializing the potential threat posed by alleged real-life Men in Black who appeared mysteriously at scenes of actual UFO sightings.

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