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The Millennium Group - A shadowy organization on the dark drama MILLENNIUM/FOX/1996-99.

Frank Black and Peter Watts - MILLENNIUM
Frank Black and Peter Watts

The Millennium Group was created to fight the growing forces of darkness in the world. These vigilantes of the Apocalypse were well-versed in advanced methods of crime detection as well as the poetry of William Butler Yeats and the 16th century prophecies of Nostradamus. Many of the group are former law-enforcement professionals who are called in to consult on crimes.

Frank Black (Lance Henriksen), a former FBI serial killer profiler collaborated with this group and the Seattle Police Department to hunt down serial killers and other pervasive evil possibly related to biblical prophecy.

Bletcher: This Millennium Group ... They really believe all that stuff? Nostradamus and Revelations? The destruction of the world?
Black: They believe we can't just sit back and hope for a happy ending.

Frank later discovered the group's philosophy which stated "Millennium group is not concerned with any single individual in life...our responsibility is with the whole of mankind." Simply put, if you get in the way of their mission, your life is insignificant to the outcome of their cause. The Group's purpose was about control not salvation. They used Bible prophecy as a cover for their insane deeds.

Group members were inoculated with a special virus so that only their members could be protected from the ultimate plague (which they would cause). The virus ( a modified Marburg virus) killed Frank's wife in 1998.

The origins of the Millennium Group go back to the first century AD when a group of Christians created the group to defend the world against the forces of evil. The symbol of the group is an ouroboros (a snake biting its tail). Their trademark phrase is "This is who we are"

In the 1940s as the Millennium neared, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, and Clyde Tolson, the Assistant Director of the FBI formed an offshoot of the Millennium to battle situation that could not be handled by government law enforcement that had to follow the letter of the law. This group recruited criminal profilers and other FBI agents.

Eventually, Hoover's group merged with the traditional Millennium group which had two factions. The Roosters (the "Theologians") who believed in the inevitable destruction of the world (Armageddon) and the Owls ("the "secularist") who believed the world could be directed away from destruction and be saved. Unfortunately, the Roosters gained control of the Millennium Group and Owls contingent was purged. The millennium group was dissolved in 1999 when Frank Black  who had committed himself to an asylum, volunteered to help FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully with their investigations..

Members of the Millennium consisted of:

  • Frank Black (Lance Henriksen), a criminal profiler (a psychic) who has a unique ability to see into the mind of serial killers. Once the worst of the serial killers was a supernatural shape- shifting demon who took the form of Lucy Butler (Sarah-Jane Redmond).
  • Peter Watts (Terry O'Quinn), Frank's friend and partner. He is later murdered by members of the group (who are now under the influence of a demon called "Legion") for giving a dossier to Frank that contained information collected by the group about his family.
  • Lara Means (Kristen Cloke), a psychic like Frank Black who sees messages in forms of angels. She goes insane after the Millennium group reveals secrets that are just to horrific to handle.
  • Dr. Cheryl Andrews (C.C.H. Pounder), a medical and forensic advisor who was killed by the Group and buried in a mass grave under a highway construction site.
  • Brian Roedecker (Allan Zinyk), the group's computer specialist who is fired when the group is taken over by religious fanatics.
  • Mabius (Bob Wilde), a member of the Group who is thought to be a manifestation of Legion.
  • Polaroid Man (Paul Raskin, Doug Hutchison), a former Millennium member who stalked Frank and his family. He earned the nickname because of the many photos he took of Frank's family. Initially, Frank retired and left Washington DC for Seattle to escape the photos sent by PM.

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