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SIA - Acronym for the United States Intelligence Agency featured on the espionage adventure IT TAKES A THIEF/ABC/1968-70.

Noah Bain and Alexander Mundy - IT TAKES A THIEF
SIA agent Noah Bain and Mundy

The SIA recruited the talents of convicted cat burglar Alexander Mundy (Robert Wagner) to work for the government, (stealing items of value) but this time doing it legally under the direction of the good old US of A. Mundy's Prison ID was #131425.

Bain: Oh look Al, I not not asking you to spy. I'm just asking you to steal.
 Mundy: Let me get this straight: you WANT me to steal?

Mundy's deal? The SIA would transfer him from San Jobel Prison, and let him live a life under lock and key until he was needed for an assignment. Luckily, Alexander would do it in the luxury of a mansion with all the stylish amenities he required. After carrying out a variety of successful missions, Mundy earned a pardon.

Noah Bain (Malachi Throne) was the SIA watchdog for Mundy while incarcerated. When Mundy became a free agent, his contact was Wallie Powers (Edward Binns).


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