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Secret Organizations - The Good Guys

Secret Squadron - Crime fighting organization on the children's live-action adventure CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT/CBS/1954-56.

Hidden Mountaintop Headquarters - CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT

The Secret Squadron (based at a hidden mountain laboratory) was formed to combat evil, especially the Red Menace (Communism) so prevalent in the early 1950s.

"On a mountaintop high above a large city stands the headquarters of a man devoted to the cause of freedom and justice, a war hero who has never stopped fighting against his country's enemies, a private citizen who is dedicating his life to the struggle against evil men everywhere...Captain Midnight!" -- Opening Narration


Headed by Captain Jim Albright (Richard Webb), Captain Midnight (a.k.a. "Jim Albright") tracked down missing nuclear scientists and freed hostages from enemy agents. The Captain's code sign is SQ1.

Members of the Secret Squadron included:

  • Sid Melton as Ichabod "Icky" Mudd, the Captain's trusty mechanic who maintained the sleek jet fighter known as the Silver Dart. Icky's code sign is SQ2.
  • Olan Soulé as Aristotle "Tut" Jones, an eccentric scientist. His code sign is SQ3.


1956 Ovaltine TV Commercial

Captain Midnight: And now boys and girls, here is what you get when you join the Secret Squadron. This membership card with your very own Secret Squadron number. This official Secret Squadron manual, and this combination  badge and  decoder.

Look here's how the decoder works . I'll give you  a two word clue. The second word is in our secret code. The first word is TEST. Now here is the secret code word. Write down these numbers: 18,17,20,3,4,18. Now set your secret decoder like this for code A3. Then decode this important clue to next weeks adventure.

If you don't have your decoder badge, here's how you can get one for your very own. First get a jar of the official Secret Squadron drink, delicious chocolate-flavored  Ovaltine, the food drink for rocket power.

Then cut out the wax paper disk that covers the Ovaltine jar, and send that disk with your name, your address to me. Captain Midnight, Box P Chicago 77, ILL.

That's all. Send no money. It's free to every boy and girl who joins the Secret Squadron. And when you receive your secret decoder badge, membership card with your very own Secret Squadron number and 12-page manual, you'll be a full fledge member.

Remember, get your Ovaltine, the food drink for rocket power. Hot or cold, it's got what it takes to help you be a leader in your gang. So everyday, drink instant Ovaltine." 

TRIVIA NOTE: A variety of premiums were available to the devoted TV viewers, including a Secret Squadron arm patch with the image of Captain Midnight's Jet, the Silver Dart; I.D. cards with the "SS" motto "Justice through Strength and Courage"; Flight Commander Certificate; Signet rings; and Captain Midnight Hot Ovaltine Mugs (Ovaltine sponsored the program on TV, as well as on radio in the 1940s.) See also "Secret Squadron Decoder"

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