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Watchers - Secret organization on the fantasy adventure THE HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES/SYN/1992-97.

Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson - HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES
Joe Dawson, a Watcher leader

The Watchers were created 5000 year ago to observe, record but never interfere with the lives of a group of immortal beings who roamed the Earth unbeknownst to most humans. Ammaletu the Akkadian created the Watchers after he saw Gilgamesh resurrected from the dead.

Those working for the Watchers group swore an oath that under no circumstance would they reveal their existence to the immortals.

Ancient Watchers text that chronicles the Immortals - HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES
Ancient Watchers Text that Chronicles the Immortals

Joe Dawson (Jim Byrnes), the owner of bookstore/small blues bar was one of the many Watchers of this organization. He chose to disregard the code of non-fraternization and become friends with Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul), an immortal born in the Highlands of Scotland in the year 1592. Joe had been tracking MacLeod for fifteen years. before Duncan traveled to Seacouver, Washington to track down Darius' killer.

Dawson: For as long as your kinds been around, we've been watching.
MacLeod: No one ever discovered you?
Dawson: Now why would anyone notice another face in the crown Even one as extraordinary as mine
MacLeod: And this.
Dawson: It's one our chronicles, That disappeared 500 years ago. Somehow, Darius got it. It's part of a record we keep on Immortals
MacLeod: So you can hunt us?
Dawson: No. No. We observe, we record, but we never interfere.
MacLeod: And why not?
Dawson: Too much of man's history has been lost. Once you get through all  life's crap, the only thing that matter is the truth. We want the truth about Immortals to survive, not a bunch of old wives tales.
MacLeod: Alright Dawson, you expect me to believe you kept quiet about this for all these years.
MacLeod: If we had revealed your secret in more superstitious times you can imagine the witch hunts.
MacLeod: I don't have to imagine.
Dawson: And today you'd probably end up on page three of one of those supermarket rags next to the two headed monkey and I'd be in a straight jacket.
MacLeod: You say you refuse to interfere but you have!
Dawson: We would never have hurt Darius, He was one our great hopes.
MacLeod: And why should I believe you?
Dawson: You've been around for 400 hundred years. You'd feel it if I was lying to you. You could always kill me, but between you and me, I hope you don't have to.

                   -- episode "The Watchers"

As a form of identification, each Watcher wore a bluish tattoo (stylized Zodiac sign of Aries inside a circle) on their forearm/inner wrist. The design is  Centuries ago, however, Watchers wore a medallion symbol of their organization.

Watcher tattoo on Joe Dawson's inside wrist - HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES
Watcher tattoo on Joe Dawson's inside wrist

While the goals of the Watchers organization were benign, there were some fanatics in the group who sought to harm the Immortals. These fanatics were known as Hunters. Their group was originally led by James Horton, Joe's brother-in-law who believed the Immortals were unnatural and needed to be destroyed. He feared that the victor of the Immortal's final battle (The Gathering) would try to control the world. Horton killed Darius.

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