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Michael Westen - Jeffrey Donovan starred as Michael Westen, a discredited espionage agent featured on the spy drama BURN NOTICE/USA/2007+.

Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen - BURN NOTICE

Michael Westen was fired ("burned") because someone claimed he was unreliable after faithfully serving 10 years in Eastern Europe and the OPEC countries as a covert operative. Now stuck in Miami, Florida (South Beach), his hometown, Michael struggles day-to-day to survive his unfair judgement and seeks to reclaim his former status and the person responsible for getting him burned.

Burn Notice • Noun - An official statement from one intelligence agency to another that an individual or group is no longer reliable.

One of the drawbacks of being burned was that all Michael's bank accounts were frozen, and he had been blacklisted by every government agency. The only positive thing in Michael's life: the knowledge he gained as a spy. He uses this to help others in trouble and to manuever his way back into the good graces with other government agents.

Michael's friends and colleagues included:

  • Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona Glenanne, a stunning, fiercely independent freelance agent. She is a former IRA associate who is prone to violence and skilled in explosives, weapons, and hand-to-had-combat. Fiona and Micheal are ex-lovers, but the spark of their realtionship has yet to flicker out. When Michael calls, she is there to help.
  • Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe, a former Navy Seal and Military Intel Operative who worked in the Communist bloc and Middle East. Now a days, the washed-out, unshaven Sam likes to wear floral shirts, drink mojitos, romance rich divorcees and watch girls in bikinis. Although Sam has been recruited by the FBI to keep an eye on Michael, he defers to his longtime friendship with Michael and lends support to his old buddy whenever he can. Of course. if the FBI is buying the drinks, good-natured Sam will come up some mis-information to keep them happy.
  • Sharon Gless as Madeline Westen, Michael's chain-smoking, hypochonrdiac of a mother. She's glad to have her oldest son back in South Beach, but she's not thrilled to know that he is always in some sort of danger. Madeline sometimes let's Michael use her home as a "safe house" for clients in need. When Michael returned to Miami, Madeline showed him to a car in the garage - a black 1973 Dodge Charger. It was left by her abusive ex-husband (now dead) as a sort of "I'm sorry" gift. Michael reluctantly accepted the car and used the vehicle on his assignments. On one case, he filled it with makeship bulletproofing (old telephone books) to stop gunfire from street gangs.
  • Seth Peterson as Nate Westen, Michael's younger brother. He's a gambler and often strapped for cash. Seth still harbors resentment for Michael who left home at 17 to join the military and left him alone to contend with his abusive father. Despite any past animosity, Seth and Michael are brothers and they come to each others rescue when required.

One of Michael's many enemies was a mysterious woman whom he called Carla (Tricia Helfer). Carla was Michael's only link to the people that burned him. Meanwhile, to stay in her good graces, he reluctantly accepted assignements from her.

Eventually, Carla is shot in a showdown. Aloft in a helipcopter over the ocean, Michael is then offered a job with another shady operative. Michael declines and decides to take his chances by jumping into the blue waters below.

Burn Notice

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