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19th Century
MacKenzie's Raiders/SYN/1958-59 c1873
The Mallens/GRA/1979-80 c1800s
A Man Called Shenandoah/ABC/1965-66 c1860
The Man From Blackhawk/ABC/1959-60 c1870
Man Without A Gun/SYN/1957-59 c1880
Marie Curie/BBC/1977 c1886-1911
The Marshal Of Gunsight Pass/ABC/1950 c1890
Maverick/ABC/1957-62 c1860
The Mayor Of Casterbridge/BBC/1978 cVictorian Times
The Men from Shiloh/NBC/1970-71 c1890
The Monroes/ABC/1966-67 c1876
My Friend Flicka/CBS/1956-57 c1900
Napoleon And Josephine: A Love Story/ABC/1987 c1794-1814
The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn/ABC/1968-69 c1845
The New Land/ABC/1974 c1858
The Nine Lives Of Elfego Baca/ABC/1958-60 c1880
Notorious/LWT/1975 c1830-1876
The Onedin/Line/BBC/1971-80 c1860
The Oregon Trail/NBC/1977 c1842
The Outcasts/ABC/1968-69 c1865
The Outlaws/NBC/1960-62 c1890
The Overland Trail/NBC/1960 c1860
The Pallisers/BBC/1974 cVictorian England
Paradise/CBS/1988-90 c1890
Penmarric/BBC/1979 c1867-1940s
Pistols 'n' Petticoats/CBS/1966-67 c1871
Poldark/BBC/1975-77 cEarly 1800s
Ponderosa/PAX/2001-02 c1849
Pony Express/SYN/1960 c1860-61
The Quest/NBC/1976 c1890
Raffles/YTV/1977 c1890
The Range Rider/SYN/1951-52 c1850
Rango/ABC/1967 c1870
Rawhide/CBS/1959-66 c1866
The Rebel/ABC/1959-61 c1867
Red Ryder/SYN/1956 c1890
The Restless Gun/NBC/1957-59 c1865
Renfrew Of The Royal Mounted Police/SYN/1952 c1890
The Return Of Sherlock Holmes/GRA/1986-88 c1897
The Rifleman/ABC/1958-63 cLate1860s
The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes/THA/1971 & 73 c1890s
Riverboat/NBC/1959-61 c1840
The Road West/NBC/1966-67 c1860
Roots/ABC/1977 c1750-1865
Roots: The Next Generations/ABC/1977 c1880-1970s
The Rough Riders/ABC/1958-59 c1865
Royal Canadian Mounted Police/SYN/1960 c1890
Sara/CBS/1976 c1870
The Secret Empire/NBC/1979 c1880
Sergeant Cribb/GRA/1979-81 cVictorian Times
Shane/ABC/1966 c1890
Shaka Zulu/SYN/1986 c1816-22
Sharpe/CEN/1993-97 c1809-15
Sherlock Holmes/BBC/1951 c1897
Sherlock Holmes/GUI/1954-55 c1897
Sherlock Holmes/BBC/1965 c1897
Shotgun Slade/SYN/1959-61 c1890
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes/BBC/1968 c1897
Smuggler/HTV/1981 c1802
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga/FAM/1993-94 cLate 1800s
Stagecoach West/ABC/1960-61 c1860
Steve Donovan, Western Marshal/SYN/1955-56 c1870
Stories of the Century/SYN/1954 c1870-90
The Strauss Family/ATV/1973 c1820-1899
Sugarfoot/ABC/1957-61 c1860
Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers/NBC/1956-57 c1800
Tales of the Texas Rangers/CBS/ABC/1957-59 c1830
Tales of Wells Fargo/NBC/1957-62 c1860
The Tall Man/NBC/1960-62 c1870
Tate/NBC/1960 c1870
Temple Houston/NBC/1963-64 c1880
The Texan/CBS/1958-60 c1870
Tombstone Territory/ABC/SYN/1957-60 c1880
Trackdown/CBS/1957-59 c1870
The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters/ABC/1963-64 c1849
Two Faces West/SYN/1960-61 c1860
Union Pacific/SYN/1958 c1860
The Victorians/GRA/1963 c1830-80
The Virginian/NBC/1962-71 c1880
Wagon Train/NBC/ABC/1957-65 c1880
Wanted: Dead Or Alive/CBS/1958-61 c1870
The Westerner/NBC/1960 c1890
Whiplash/SYN/1960-61 c1850
Whispering Smith/NBC/1961 c1870
Wichita Town/NBC/1959-60 c1870
The Wild, Wild West/CBS/1965-69 c1870
Wild, Wild Women/BBC/1969 c1890
Wrangler/NBC/1960 c1880
Yancy Derringer/CBS/1958-59 c1880
Young Maverick/CBS/1979-80 c1880
The Young Pioneers/ABC/1978 c1870
The Young Riders/ABC/1989-92 c1860-61
Zane Grey Theatre/CBS/1956-62 c1870
Zorro/ABC/1957-59 c1820
Zorro and Son/CBS/1983 c1840
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