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 Time Periods - 20th Century
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20th Century
McHales Navy/ABC/1962-66 c1942-45
The Manhunter/CBS/1974-75 c1934
Margie/ABC/1961-62 c1920
Marie Curie/BBC/1977 c1886-1911
M*A*S*H/CBS/1972-83 c1950-53
Mr. Roberts/NBC/1965-66 c1942-45
Mystery Is My Business/SYN/1954 c1940
Nanny/BBC/1981-83 c1930
1990/BBC/1977 c1990
Nichols/NBC/1971-72 c1914
1915/ABP/1982 c1913-1915
O.S.S./ABC/1957-58 c1942-47
Oliver Beene/FOX/2003-04 c1962
On The Air/ABC/1992 c1957
The Outsiders/FOX/1990 c1966
Palmerstown, U.S.A./CBS/1980-81 c1930
Paper Moon/ABC/1974-75 c1930
Paradise Postponed/THA/1986 cPost WWII England
Penmarric/BBC/1979 c1867-1940s
Pennies From Heaven/BBC/1978 c1930s
Pete Kelly's Blues/NBC/1959 c1920s
Philip Marlowe/ABC/1959-60 c1930s
Philip Marlowe, Private Eye/HBO/1983 & 1986 c1930s
Pictures/CEN/1983 c1920s
Piece Of Cake/LWT/1988 c1940-45
Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie/STV/1978 c1930
Private Eye/NBC/1987-88 c1956
Private Schulz/BBC/1981 c1940-45
Q.E.D./CBS/1982 c1912
Rags to Riches/NBC/1987 c1962
The Rat Patrol/ABC/1966-68 c1941-43
Remember WENN/AMC/1996-98 c1939
Rendezvous/ABC/1952 c1945
Reunion/FOX/2005 c1986-2005
The Roaring Twenties/ABC/1960-62 c1920
Roll Out/CBS/1973-74 c1942-45
Roots: The Next Generations/ABC/1977 c1880-1970s
Second Chance/FOX/1987-88 Man Dies in 2011 & Returns to 1987
The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer/UPN/1998 cEarly 1860s
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon/CBS/SYN/1955-58 cEarly 1900s
The Six O'Clock Follies/NBC/1980 c1967
Sons and Daughters/CBS/1974 c1956
South Riding/YTV/1974 c1932
Space: 1999/SYN/1975-77 c1999
Strathblair/BBC/1992 & 1994 c1950s
The Sullivans/SYN/1980 .c1939
Tales of the Gold Monkey/ABC/1982-83 c1938
Testament Of Youth/BBC/1979 c1914-18
That 80s Show/FOX/2002 c1980
That 70s Show/FOX/1998-2006 c1976
That Was Then/ABC/2002 c1988 (Man Travels Back in Time from 2002)
To Serve Them All My Days/BBC/1980 c1918
Tom Grattan's War/YTV/1968 & 70 c1914-1918
Tour of Duty/CBS/1987-90 c1967
Twelve O'Clock High/ABC/1964-67 c1942-45
26 Men/SYN/1957-59 c1901
The Untouchables/ABC/1959-63 c1931
The Untouchables/FOX/1992-3 c1931
Upstairs, Downstairs/SYN/1970-75 c1903-29
Vienna: 1900/BBC/1975 c1900
Vietnam: A Television History/PBS/1983 c1967
Vietnam War Story/HBO/1987-88 c1967
The Vietnam War With Walter Cronkite/SYN/1986 c1967
Virgin Of The Secret Service/ATV/1968 c1907
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea/ABC/1964-68 c1980
Wackiest Ship in the Army/NBC/1965-66 c1942-45
The Waltons/CBS/1972-81 c1930-40
We'll Meet Again/LWT/1982 c1941-45
When The Boat Comes In/BBC/1976-77 & 1981 c1920
Winston Churchill: the Valiant Years/ABC/1960-61 c1939-45
Winston Churchill-The Wilderness Years/SOU/1981 c1929-39
Wish Me Luck/LWT/1988-90 c1940-45
The Wonder Years/ABC/1988-93 c1968-70s
Wonderful John Acton/ABC/1953 c1919
The World at War/SYN/1974 c1939-45
The World Of Wooster/BBC/1965-67 c1920
World War One/CBS/1964-65 .c1914-18
World War Two/SYN/1981 c1939-45
World War Two: G.I. Diary/ SYN/1978-79 c1939-45
You Rang, M'Lord?/BBC/1990-93 c1927
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