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Bewitched Watches - On episode No.17 "A Is for Aardvark" on the sitcom BEWITCHED/ABC/1964-72 advertising executive Darrin Stephens (Dick York) sprains his ankle and runs his wife, Samantha ragged with all of his bedside requests.

Bewitched Broom Wrist Watch Bewitched Broom

Bewitched, Bewitched, I've got you in my spell..."

To save time and energy from running up and down stairs each time Darrin needed something, Samantha (a witch) grants him supernatural powers which he eventually misuses, but the experience makes him realize the uniqueness of being mortal.

In appreciation for everything his wife had done for him he presented her with a watch inscribed "I Love You Every Second."

On the episode No. 97 "I Remember You...Sometimes" Darrin tries to improve his memory by reading a book on the subject while mother-in-law Endora (Agnes Moorehead) secretly puts a spell on his wristwatch, which gives him total recall while he wears it.

On the two-part episode No.180/181 "Daddy Comes for a Visit/"Darrin the Warlock," Maurice, Darrin's warlock father-in-law, gives him a magic watch in honor of his new grandson's birth (Adam).

At first, Darrin first refused the gift but later used his newfound powers to get him ahead in the business world. Darrin, however, decided to give the magic watch back to Maurice and accept his status as a mortal when the watch began to make him power mad.

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