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Gemini Man's Wrist Watch - Special computerized wrist watch issued to Level A-6 INTERSECT agent Sam Casey (Ben Murphy) on the sci-fi series THE GEMINI MAN/NBC/1976.

Sam Casey's Special Digital Watch - THE GEMINI MAN

While recovering a downed US Government space satellite ("Operation Royce Explorer") from the ocean floor agent Sam Casey was exposed to a large dose of radiation when the satellite exploded during the salvage operation. The heavy release of radiation disrupted Sam's DNA and unexpectedly turned him invisible.

To restore Sam to normal, Dr. Abigail "Abby" Lawrence designed a sub-miniature nuclear-powered (Plutonium & Cobol) digital wrist band resembling a watch (Top Secret File No. 487384) to regulate, monitor and stabilize Sam's molecular structure.

The watch was actually a miniaturized version of the Life Support System that saved Sam's life after the accident. As long as the three gold contacts at the base of the watch touched Sam's skin, he stayed visible. When contact was broken, he vanished.

Ben Murphy as Sam Casey - THE GEMINI MAN
Sam Casey

Sam could stay invisible for 15 minutes a day without upsetting his DNA; any longer and he would disintegrate (die).

A computerized countdown on the watch let Sam know how much time he had left on his invisibility sessions. The countdown began when Sam pressed on the watch's stem.

Sam and Abby reported to Leonard Driscoll, the director of INTERSECT (International Security Technics, a government think tank).

The series pilot was called "Code Name: Minus One."

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