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Munster Cuckoo Clock - Ornate Cuckoo clock featured on the situation comedy THE MUNSTERS/CBS/1964-66

Charlie the Raven pops out of the cuckoo clock- THE MUNSTERS

Among the many items in the Munster house at 1313 Mockingbird Lane was an ornate cuckoo clock located in their living room. Inside the clock lives Charlie, a wisecracking raven with a quip for any situation (voiced by Mel Blanc and occasionally Bob Hastings).

When Charlie  popped out of the clock, he cried, "Nevermore, nevermore!" (a refrain inspired by a mysterious raven in the classic Edgar Allen Poe poem "The Raven").

Front of Munster Cuckoo Clock
Front of the Munster's Cuckoo Clock

On episode No. 22" Don't Cry Wolfman" on the 1988 remake series THE MONSTER TODAY, robbers who had stuffed their loot inside the family cuckoo clock ten years earlier, get out of prison and return to reclaim their ill-gotten gains. To gain access to the house, one of the robbers poses as cousin Wolfie, a relative from Transylvania.

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