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TV Resources - Quirky and Unusual Sites

DMOZ Directory - Links to weird, odd, strange news on the web. 
  • Am I Annoying - Visit this site, view your favorite celebrity or popular culture figures and decide for yourself whether they are annoying or not.

  • Celebrities on Phones - This is an image archive with one single rule; pictures must be of famous, infamous, or otherwise well-known people, with a telephone. Examples include Agent 86 on his Shoe Phone, Bat Girl on the BatPhone, Wonder Woman chatting and Lily Tomlin as Ernestine the Operator.

  • Dead People Server   It might sound odd to some, but the people at DPS love to keep track of who is dead and who is alive in the world of the celebrity. Want to know whether that “Hey Vern” guy Jim Varney is still making funny faces? Well. You can find it out very quickly at this site. So, if you’re ever having one of those “Hmmm, I wonder if ___ is still alive” moments, then this is the site for you. FYI – Varney died.

  • Famous Women in Slips - A subsection of Mercedes Slips, this web page provides photographs of famous Film & TV actresses who have appeared in slips. TV actresses in slips included Cybill Shepherd, Doris Day, Alyssa Milano, Gillian Anderson, Tina Louise, Cindy Williams, Pamela Sue Martin, Shannen Doherty, Kristen Johnson, Leah Remini, Sharon Lawrence, Lucille Ball, Shirley Jones and Emmaline Henry (who played Dr. Bellows wife on I DREAM OF JEANNIE.)

  • Female Celebrity Smoking List - Keeps track of scenes in movies and TV when an actress smokes cigarettes, cigars, etc. The website author apparently enjoys watching people smoke as in this sample review from a 1985 "TWILIGHT ZONE episode "Button, Button" with Mare Winningham where he observes "She chain-smokes throughout, primarily to define her 'bitch' character. Her smoking is good, with many shots of her dangling, lighting-up and puffing (though few of her exhaling), but her character is so unattractive that it's difficult to fully enjoy it." So, if you're into Tobacco or you just need some examples of when and where smoking occurs on the big and little screen (TV) then  this site can be useful. The site also features a section called "Smoking from all Sides" that offers links to sites that cover both the "pro" and the "con" issues of smoking.

  • Jumping the Shark - "It's a moment. A defining moment when you know that your favorite television program has reached its peak. That instant that you know from now's all downhill. Some call it the climax. We call it jumping the shark." Site includes categories on TV Character's Death, Birth, Weddings, Puberty, Relationships, Theatrical spin-offs, and a Stump the Shark TV Trivia section.

  • Kill Your Television - Website with an attitude. They don't advocate watching television and are not shy about telling visitors to their website why they should change their viewing habits. The Nit Pickers Site - Chronicles mistakes made in the production of television shows. Other similar site include "The Slip-Ups Archive," "Movie Mistakes" and "Movie Cliches"

  • The Official Kresky Homepage - This site is based on an ultra-cool Los Angeles TV undercover cop who never existed. The site reflects a typical fan site of a popular TV character but all the information is bogus. It even features episode guides, faqs, etc. After browsing the website, you'll feel as if the TV series actually did air for the four and a half seasons, from September of 1976 to November of 1980, as stated in the website.

  • Spot 'Em – Chronicles the appearances of actors in music videos. The rules are fairly simple. To be included in the site’s list, an actor must have physically appeared in the music video. If their image was only seen on a movie or TV clip used within the film, it doesn’t count. Some of many TV actors spotted in the site include Gillian Anderson (The X-Files) in “Extremis” by Hal; Jennifer Aniston (Friends) in “Walls” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers; and Don Johnson (Miami Vice) in “Let’s Talk About It” by Dweezil Zappa.

  • Transformationlist - This list includes books, short stories, movies, web sites, and other works that feature physical shapeshifting. All methods of transformation are covered; werewolves and other animal shapeshifters, nanotechnology, magic spells, etc. Most of the List's material is science fiction, fantasy, or horror; but other genres are welcome as well. See also

  • Treatment of Circumcision on TV – “Honey, start up the VCR, their talking about circumcision!” This websites documents occurrences of circumcision on TV sitcoms and game and talk shows. When available, the webmaster provides full excerpts from the show’s scripts to illustrate the topic of circumcision in the episode. For example, in a pre-Bar Mitzvah interview on The Simpsons, a reporter asked if Krusty the Clown was circumcised and he replies, "Yeah, and then some." These examples of circumcision on TV are part of larger website that deals with the “The struggle for genital integrity and against the involuntary genital modification of children of any sex: Circumcision, Female Genital Mutilation, and Involuntary Sex Reassignment”

  • TV Moms Nude Page - You guessed it. This site caters to people who always wanted to know what their favorite TV mom looked liked naked.  According to the site's own PR "Come on, you know you were attracted to them!...Now you can see the pictures you'd never thought you'd see. Catch those TV Moms in the buff, the way you always imagined!"  What would the Fonz say about this "AAAAYH?"

  • TV Obscurities - Your source for obscure TV.  The site features in-depth articles on unique and obscure television programs, including how it made a network's schedule, its cast, its competition, when and why it was cancelled,  the plots of various episodes, Nielsen ratings, reviews from television critics, and plenty of audio and video.

  • TV Urban Legends - A collection of facts, rumors and myths that have been inspired by a number of TV characters. Find out the answers to such questions as "Did the cast of Green Acres eat Arnold the Pig?" or "Was the sitcom Leave the Beaver the first series to show a toilet on TV?." The reference staff at "Urban Legends" scrutinize such stories and tell whether they have any validity. Fun site. Check it out. You'll be surprised what you thought was true just ain't so.

  • Veg on TV - Website about Vegetarians in Sitcoms and Dramas. Who is the first Vegetarian character on television? Who is the most recent? The Vegetarian characters in between? The answers are here.

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