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Germ Phobia - Standup comic Jerry Seinfeld on the situation comedy SEINFELD/NBC/1990-98 was extremely neurotic when it came to germs and cleanliness.

Jerry Seinfeld, germaphobe extraordinaire - SEINFELD
"What's the deal with all these germs?"

On episode No. 72 "The Conversion" Jerry actually reconsidered a relationship with a girlfriend with fungicide in her bathroom; and on episode No. 142 "The Pothole," he couldn't bring himself to kiss his girlfriend, Jenna (Kristin Davis) after discovering her toothbrush had fallen into the toilet.

Phobia's ran in the Seinfeld family. Jerry's father, Morty (Barney Martin) couldn't stand sound of Velcro tearing. On episode No. 44 "The Watch" Jerry's gave his father a new wallet with $400 inside, but his father immediately threw it away because it was made with Velcro.

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5.   Jerry Seinfeld Seinfeld
6.   John Cage  Ally McBeal

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