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Warrior Women - Historical

Veronica - Wild Jungle woman seen on the action adventure SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE'S THE LOST WORLD/SYN/1999-2002.


High atop a hidden plateau in South America sits a "lost world" of dinosaurs and danger. Among those living in its jungles is Veronica (Jennifer O'Dell) , a blonde Tarzan-like female whose botanist parents discovered the plateau at the turn of the last century.

Then one day they went off searching for specimens and never returned so Veronica quickly learned to survive a savage landscape, filled with mysterious tribes, cannibals, giant bees, man-eating plants, strange vampire women, a race of dinosaur-men and more.

When a new expedition to the plateau headed by Professor George Challenger becomes lost, Veronica comes to their aid. She shows them how to live safe among the trees in a spacious tree house (built by Veronica's parents 11 years earlier) and fend for themselves until such time that they could find a way out of this Lost World.

The only female in the Challenger group was Margaret Krux (Rachel Blakely), a mysterious heiress who financed the expedition. She has no scruples and will betray anyone if it advances her cause.

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