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Warrior Women - Historical

Maid Marian - Feisty fighting woman seen on the historical comedy MAID MARION AND HER MERRY MEN/BBC/1989-1994.


History reports that Robin Hood was responsible for all the hanky panky in Sherwood Forest. But in this comedic retelling of medieval mania, we learn that it was actually Maid Marian (Kate Lonergan) who proved to be the real brains in the Hood.

Turns out that ye old Robin Hood was a bumbling, cowardly tailor from Kensington who didn't have the required smarts to fight for freedom in the early days of England.

So, with the help of "her" Merry Men, Marian lead the battle against the notorious Sheriff of Nottingham who took his orders from the evil King John, the usurper of Britain's throne.

Other females in the cast included Hilary Mason as Gladys and Siobhan Fogarty as Rotten' Rose Scargill.

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