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Shrinking Machine - Miniaturization device featured on the children's  series DR. SHRINKER/ABC/1977 (a segment of the KROFFT SUPERSHOW/ABC/1976-77).

Dr. Shrinker / Krofft Supershow

 The evil Dr. Shrinker (Jay Robinson) and his little assistant (Billy Barty) used a four-foot long, multicolor barrel device stored in his laboratory to shrink his victims, namely six unsuspecting teens. The same machine would reverse the process.

TRIVIA NOTE: - Other examples of movies and series with shrinking devices included:

  • Dr. Cyclops (1940), a sci-fi film starring Albert Dekker as a crazed scientist who shrunk humans via radiation.
  •  THE WORLD OF GIANTS/SYN/1959 told the story of undercover agent Mel Hunter (Marshall Thompson) who had been scientifically reduced to the height of six-inches. With the aid of his full-size partner, Bill Winters (Arthur Franz) they infiltrated and busted crime organizations. Mel usually traveled in Bill Winters briefcase.
  • TOM OF T.H.U.M.B./ABC/1966-69, a component series on THE KING KONG SHOW/ABC/1966-69 featured a janitor who was shrunk by a shrinking laser radar beam. He fought crime working for T.H.U.M.B. (Tiny Human Underground Military Bureau).
  • FANTASTIC VOYAGE/ABC/1968-70, based on the movie of the same name,  featured the Combined Miniature Defense Force, the secret government project that shrunk its agents to microscopic size so they could carry out top-secret assignments. 
  • DR. WHO/BBC/1963-89, a British sci-fi series,  featured an evil Timelord known as The Master (Anthony Ainley) who used a deadly device called a "Tissue Compression Eliminator" to subdue his victims. The TCE is a short black rod capable of crushing a living human body into a twisted corpse the size of a doll.

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