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26 Men

Title Card - 26 MEN

1957 - 1959
30 Minutes

Western adventure about a police force of twenty-six men who maintained law and order in the turn-of-the-century Arizona Territory. The force consisted of a captain, a lieutenant, four sergeants, and twenty privates. The reason for only "26 Men" was because that's all the state could afford.

During a tour of duty, a ranger faced the possible dangers and hardships of being bitten by a rattlesnake, falsely accused of charges of murder or cowardice, knocked unconscious by robbers and left for dead. attacked by hostile Indians, ambushed while escorting a gold shipment, or threatened by notorious outlaws. But despite these tribulations the Rangers endured.

Captain Rynning and Ranger Travis - 26 MEN
Captain Rynning and Ranger Travis

The 26 Arizona Rangers included:

  • Tristram "Tris" Coffin as Captain Tom Rynning.
  • Kelo Henderson as Ranger Clint Travis.  
  • Harry Lauter as Lt. Holloway
  • Hal Hopper as Ranger Hillborn
  • John Redmond as The Original Ranger
  • Clarence Beatty as Ranger
  • George Ross as Ranger Ben Howard
  • Gregg Palmer as Ranger Andrew Shoreham
  • Jack Buetel as Ranger Johnny Whitecloud
  • Bill Baucom as Ranger Drake & Ranger Foster
  • Harry Fleer as Ranger John
  • Walter Kelly as a former Ranger
  • Ranger Jim Hatton
  • Ranger Carl Hubbard
  • Ranger Ed Braddock

 Ranger Headquarters - 26 Men

The many exploits of the 26 Men included:

  • A newspaper editor who asked for help is found hanging from a tree when the rangers arrived.
  • On the trail of one of the Wild Bunch who escaped custody.
  • Gunrunners who plan to overthrow Mexico.
  • Chinese coolies smuggled across the Colorado.
  • Tracking down convicts who have escaped prison.
  • Solving the mysterious disappearance of a marshal.
  • Helping an Apache keep the land he inherited land from his adopted white father.
  • Recovering a kidnap victim who happens to be the daughter of the Texas governor.
  • Keep the peace when a mob of jobless miners threaten to storm a closed bank.
  • Hit the trail in search of a ruthless cattle baron and his gang.
  • Encounter a wounded lawman and a gang of silver hijackers.
  • Stop the misdeeds of a crooked town sheriff.
  • Take back a town overrun by outlaws.
  • Doing damage control after an Apache Chief is accidentally killed on his reservation.
  • Talking down a former mental patient who want to kill the doctor who committed him.
  • Preventing an angry son from seeking revenge for the death of his father who was unjustly hanged.
  • Soothing a lynch mob while figuring out which twin brother the actual killer.
  • Run down the leader of a gang of rustlers.
  • Council a rancher who wants to destroy the marriage of his brother to an Indian girl.
  • Young boy joins the Rangers with the intention of becoming an expert gunslinger.
  • Uncovering criminal activities at a heavyweight boxing racket
    Negotiating with people feuding over water rights.
  • Helping a crusading editor retrieve funds embezzled mine safety equipment funds.
  • Facilitate the safe journey of a band of mail order brides through the badlands filled with Apaches and bandits.
  • Rescue a boy being held by kidnappers.

Scene of Main Street - 26 MEN

Civilians on hand included:

  • Ronnie Hansen as Marshal Dink Thompson
  • Philip Tonge as Deputy Guthrie Kane
  • Mark Williams as a telegraph agent
  • Bob Pollard as a railroad inspector
  • Bud Brown as Carmody, a stage driver
  • William Fawcett as Sam Miller, publisher of the Wilcox Clarion newspaper in Cochise County.
  • I. Stanford Jolley as Cincioni the Indian tracker
  • H. Tom Cain as Ben Sobel, Gaietyville Hardware Store
  • Fred Kohler Jr. as Dr. Adams
  • Doug McClure as George Smith
  • Leonard Nimoy as Birke Larson
  • Lyn Thomas as Mrs. Mary Bringham

Captain Rynning's Office - 26 MEN

Ranger Travis at the Pistol Range - 26 MEN

Ranger Travis and Captain Rynning - 26 MEN

Ranger Travis and Captain Rynning - 26 MEN

Listen to Theme Song

Theme Song Lyrics
(Written by Russell Hayden)

Saddle up, saddle up.
Saddle up, saddle up, saddle up.

This is the story of 26 Men.
Who rode the Arizona Territory.
High is the glory of 26 Men,
Who's parish helped to fill the Territory.

26 Men who saddled up and then
Rode out to answer duty's call.
26 Men who lived to ride again
And fight for the rights and the liberty of all.

This is the story of 26 Men
Enforcing law within the Territory.
Praise be the Glory of 26 Men
Who rode the Arizona Territory.

Ride on. Ride on. Ride on.

Screen Captures - Series Opening
Screen Capture - Series Opening - 26 MEN
Screen Capture - Series Opening - 26 MEN
Screen Capture - Series Opening - 26 MEN
Screen Capture - Series Opening - 26 MEN

TRIVIA NOTE: Produced by Russell Hayden, the 78-episode series was based on the actual historical group of "26" men was established by an Arizona  legislative act of 1901.

John McKittrick Redmond was one of the original rangers commissioned as part of the 26 men to protect the Arizona Territory. He was also the "Last of the Arizona Rangers" when the 25th Territorial Legislative revoked the license of the ranger force on February 15, 1909 when they had largely accomplished their mission.

The series was produced in Arizona near Phoenix and Tuscon.

Obituaries: Tristram Coffin: 03/26/1990;

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