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Action in the Afternoon


CBS Network
30 Minutes

The western series ACTION IN THE AFTERNOON/CBS/1953-54 was telecast live weekday afternoons from the backlot of TV station WCAU in Philadelphia.

Set in the 1890s town of Huberle, Montana (altitude 2,291 feet, population 486), the program starred Jack Valentine as a guitar playing, singing cowboy. Blake Ritter was the narrator. 

Businesses on Main Street consisted of the Huberle Record, the local newspaper, The Huberle Bank, The General Store and Supplies, the  Sheriff's office and Jail, the Wells Fargo office, the Cooper Cup Saloon and a Blacksmith shop and stable.

Residents of Huberle included:

  • Ben Johnson, the blacksmith
  • Mary Elaine Watts as Kate,  ehe Huberle Record editor
  • Sam Kressen as Sheriff Sam Mitchell
  • Jean Corbett as Amy, the sheriff's wife
  • John Zacherle as Grimy James, the Coroner
  • Barry Cassell as Ace Bancroft, a sinister guy
  • Walter "Piggy" Barnes as recurring various roles
  • Creighton Stewart as Banker Grimes
  •  Harriss Forrest as Ozzie Matthews, Jack's partner

TRIVIA NOTE: ACTION IN THE AFTERNOON was the first and only all-live western of national television. The logo for the series was designed by John Ferlaine who was the art director..

The town's name of "Huberle" was a blending of  CBS programming vice president Hubbell Robinson Jr. and his chief associate Harry Ommerle.

The theme for the show was Aaron Copeland's ballet suite "Billy the Kid." As the theme song played, all the actors stood perfectly on the streets of Huberle until a sound of a gunshot set things into motion.

here were also two other westerns that aired in Philadelphia: "Kid West" on WCAU, a short-lived children's version of "Action in the Afternoon" that aired on December 29, 1959; and a western kid's show called "Sheriff Smith" that aired on WFIL-TV.

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